Friday, March 26, 2010

Neighborhood egg hunt

Our next door neighbor was nice enough to host an egg hunt last weekend. It was a bit cold out but we braved it and Julianne had a blast! She even wore her petal headband that I got in the dollar section at Target. She is finally starting to wear things on her head - woo hoo!
Our dainty little flower
Ready to grab some eggs
This is our attempt at a group shot of the kids.....Julianne wanted nothing to do with it. I put her over there and she immediately took off

Ryan tried to tempt her with his basket to get her to come back...this is as close as she got.

She was trying to grab the eggs without actually going into the flower bed. She HATES dirt. Such a girl - I love it!
Still avoiding the "yucky" dirt
I was the official bag holder
Contemplating her next move
Realizing that most of the eggs left were in the dirt
Finally going into the flower bed but she was very careful not to get dirty

bag getting full
distracted by the tree
She loved the tape that divided the big kid side from the little kid side...back and forth, back and forth across it
cutie pie
The girl is obsessed with slides. Thank goodness all of our neighbors have them since we don't
We love this neighborhood and this is one of the reasons why. SO MANY KIDS. This wasn't even half of them. So many kids to socialize with - this summer is going to be a blast for her!


Joy said...

oh, she's a cutie! What a fun neighborhood.

Sally said...

What fun! I'm a bit jealous of your neighborhood...we have only one kid close to Major's age in our neighborhood, and the mom is a teacher, so we haven't been able to get together, maybe this summer. Lots of older kids and lots of retired couples. Two families that used to live close to us w/ younger kids have moved away. it's sad!

Mimi said...

Our little girl is growing up!! This is such a fun time. Can hardly wait to see all of you the end of April.

Amy said...

So fun! And hilarious that she won't touch the dirt. We don't exactly have that issue around here...

Brittany said...

What a honey! What a great thing to have with all the neighborhood children. Love the headband! :)