Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gramma and Papa visit us!

Shaun's parents came to visit last week and we had so much fun with them! Julianne loved having them here and so did we. We don't get to see them nearly as often as we would like (have I mentioned how much we hate living so far away from our families?) We had a great week with them shopping, playing, going to a museum, and just hanging out enjoying each other's company. Here is a recap of the week in pictures:

First order of business....holding their new granddaughter

Second order of business....pancakes. Apparently I spoiled my daughter making her pancakes on her birthday and now she asks for them just about everyday. We LOVE pancakes!

Julianne's first order of business was to get gramma to play. That was pretty much all she wanted to do the entire time they were here was to play with gramma.
The weather was so beautiful the entire time they were here. Julianne got to spend quite a bit of time outside after being cooped up for the entire winter. Dolly enjoyed getting out too!
We took a walk to the park in our neighborhood on Easter Sunday. It was such a beautiful day!
Julianne loves her car!
We stopped at the playground for about an hour. She had a blast! This was her first time down the "big slide"...doesn't she look like she is really thinking about if she should do it or not?
I think she is glad that she went for it!
She at first needed gramma's help crossing the bridge......
but then decided she could do it herself...
such a big girl!
Easter basket goodies
Who doesn't love peeps?
She got her birthday presents from gramma and papa while they were here and is loving her new Magna Doodle
We went downtown to the Museum of Science and saw all kinds of polar bears

We sat on exhibits!
We looked at ourselves in the glass
We played music on the giant tubes
We had fun in front of the big mirror
She loved the tornado simulation thing (don't you love my technical descriptions?)

She tossed rings on the spinning circle....
and liked the results!
I think we need one of these in our basement playroom. I'm pretty sure it could keep her busy for hours.
Her favorite part of the museum was the big play area they have. She was in love with the ball pit.
And loved playing in the ball pit. All I was thinking was germs, germs, germs but she had fun and we scrubbed her down when she was done.
Papa thought it would be funny to fill her hood with balls. It was because she didn't even notice.
The playroom area is apparently not just for kids.....
We had a great week with you guys. Thanks for coming to visit us and we hope you can come again soon!


Brittany said...

What GREAT grandparents! But who couldnt just want to love up on your kids! They are AH-DOOR-AH-BULL! They are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in their lives-that love them so much!

What a great time!

Happy Friday!

Randi said...

Looks like Julianne had such a GREAT time! Those girls are getting so big and they are adorable as always!

septembermom said...

What a fun place! Such wonderful pictures. All smiles :)