Monday, May 17, 2010

Miami recap

We're back from Miami. We got back on Thursday and are settling back into our routine. We had such a great time. It was a nice relaxing time. We slept in. We took naps EVERY DAY! We had a great time with each other. It was much needed. We missed our girls like crazy and were so happy to come home to them but it was a nice break for us. Here is a recap of our trip.

This is me taking a picture of Shaun when we landed in Miami. We stepped off the plane and it was warm. Lovely.
We pulled up to our hotel and it was so nice. And fully paid for. Thank you cardiology conference!
They upgraded us to an ocean view room so this is what we woke up to everyday. It's a tad better than the view in Cleveland. Just a tad.

On Monday we took a walk all the way down Ocean Drive in South Beach and then walked back to our hotel on the beach. We saw some of the most interesting people on the beach. There was a little of everything down there. The biggest mix of people I've probably ever seen. And the food? Yummy. I love me some Cuban food. It is safe to say that I gained back the 5 pounds I lost in the last few weeks in four days. It was worth it though. Martini's, Cuban food, Emeril's New Orleans Restaurant, desserts to die for. Back on the diet now....BOO!
This is me after we got back from our walk. We stopped at the pool are for some strawberry water. My feet were aching and we both needed a nap after our long walk.
On Tuesday, we went on a tour to Gator Park for an air boat ride in the Everglades. I highly recommend it. It was really fun. It was also really hot. We saw some gators, some beautiful birds, and a lot of saw grass. We had a great tour guide/boat driver.
The gators in a caged area at Gator Park

Me on the air boat

This is the reptile dude or alligator wrestler or whatever you want to call him. I call him crazy.
See? Crazy!
This Shaun in the gator hat I made him put on. He loved it!
This is one of the birds we saw on the boat ride. Our driver stopped in this area and said "I wonder if my friends will come out to play today?" and he did some call/whistle and about 4 of them came over. They were so beautiful.
One of the gators we saw on the ride
Our captain
Another gator
Shaun and I on the boat
This gator got really close to the boat. They are very interested in people. I just hoped he wasn't interested in eating us.
Us again
Another one...

We went to the hotel bar Tuesday night to watch the Cavs get their butts kicked (boo) and we ate dessert for dinner. Yum!
Wednesday we went to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with friends. Andrea and I have known each other since we were kids. We grew up going to the same church and lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools. She moved to Florida several years ago and I hadn't seen her since the last time we were both in California for a visit at the same time. We've kept in touch over the years and she is a faithful reader of my blog. She got married last month so we got to meet her husband. We had such a great time with them and I only wish it could have been longer (3 hours is just not enough time to catch up). Thanks Andrea and Joe for driving so far to meet us and hopefully we'll see each other again soon!
Joe and Shaun
Andrea and I
What a great trip we had! Thank you so much mom and dad for coming all the way from California to watch the girls. They are so lucky to have you and so are we!
Thanks babe for a wonderful five days together. I love you!!


Liz Mays said...

That was such a wonderful vacation!!! The hotel was beautiful and the Everglades boat ride looked awesome. You two are adorable, by the way!

Gerri said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip. Thanks for sharing the pics, they were great. And I guys are adorable :0)