Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

You are such an amazing gift. I am so thankful everyday that I am sharing life with you. You are such a wonderful father to our girls. They are so lucky to have a man like you as their daddy.

Thank you for all you do for us - we love you!!!!

And to my dad, thank you for being there for me and showing me what it felt like to be loved always. You are a wonderful father and the best papa that our girls could have hoped for.
Happy Father's Day!!!!


Brittany said...

Thats so great that you had such a wonderful example of real love with you father! Thats probably why you searched for it in a spouse! Your children are so very lucky!

Hope his fathers day was super special!

Mimi said...

You're blessed!!!

JennyMac said...

Love the pics and hope the Dads in your life had a fantastic day Jenn.

Lacey said...

Jenn you look gorgeous in that picture! Happy Father's Day Shaun!