Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arizona - Part 1

We made our way to Arizona after our fun weekend in San Diego. My brother and his family just moved to Scottsdale a few months ago so we stopped there first to spend a few days at their house. They have 2 girls as well so they all got to play together. We had fun! We spent Monday just hanging out at their house swimming and playing.

Julianne was ready
My 4 year old niece Brantlee has become quite the swimmer and she had fun showing off her moves
The smaller girls had a blast watching her
They have a large area on one side of the pool that is just feet deep so it was perfect for the little ones
Bree and Julianne took a breather and sat in the jeep for a while
Brantlee joined in
Brantlee loved Claire. She gave her tons of kisses and hugs.
They have a great backyard complete with playset and trampoline. Julianne wanted to show me everything. She was probably wondering why we don't have all this fun stuff at our house but it's just not worth it when it snows for half the year!
Julianne loves trampolines
Brantlee does too
They had a blast jumping together
They got unbelievably hot and sweaty
Brantlee took a break to hold Claire
And make funny faces at her
Claire laughed and laughed
Julianne stayed in the trampoline
Claire took her first ride in a swing
She liked it!
Julianne sang while she jumped
I think she would have stayed in there all night
After all the playing three little girls got in the tub.
On Tuesday, we went to a play area that has a splash pad. It was Julianne's first time and she liked it!
She would go fill up her bucket and then walk over to where I was and pour it on herself. She did it about 30 times!
It was a great way to cool off from the heat (it was about 110 that day)

That afternoon, we went to Phoenix to stay with my best friend Randi and her family. More of our Arizona adventures to come.


Brittany said...

WHAT GREAT PICTURES! Love the smile and the swim suit!

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Wow, what a fantastic time!