Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arizona - Part 2

We spent the rest of our week in Arizona at my best friend's house hanging out and having fun.

On Wednesday, we met my parents, sister-in-law, and nieces at the Phoenix Children's Museum. It is an awesome place. The kids had a blast playing together! Align Center

There is a huge play structure when you first walk into the museum. It has all kinds of pathways that lead to things like this: a boat
Ben and Julianne

My parents with all four of their granddaughters
Abbie, Drew and Julianne
Abbie holding Julianne
The lighted sand table
Julianne thought the sand was "dirty" and "yucky". What can I say? She is her mother's daughter!
Ben, Abbie, Bree and Drew
Bree was entertaining Claire
Claire loved watching the kids play
We entered the crafts room and Julianne immediately pointed out the "big ladybug".
Abbie, Ben, Julianne and Drew playing with what I called the Plinko board
Julianne going through the car wash
She tried driving through it but she decided eventually to just walk through it
Drew pulled Brantlee for a while
Abbie pulled Ben and Bree
Brantlee and Drew switched and she did the work for a while
Enter the noodle room (AKA Julianne's heaven)
She LOVED this!
You could seriously lose a kid in there. It's foam noodles as far as the eye can see. I was running to chase her so I didn't lose her.
Here's a different view.
My dad gave me a break and took a shift chasing Julianne. I didn't think we would ever get her out of there. I'm pretty sure I bribed her to get her to move on.
Ben is a wrestler as you can see. I learned a lot about the differences between boys and girls while staying with Randi.
Julianne relaxed (for about 10 seconds)
Abbie and Bree had some cuddle time.
Julianne and papa had some tickle time
Drew and Brantlee had a blast together and Ben had fun climbing all over them
Time for some relaxin'
Mimi read Claire a book
Julianne and Abbie did a puzzle
That's Ben just across from us and getting our attention
We weighed some beans in the grocery store
I even got some cuddle time (it's rare these days)
I wanted a picture with both of my girls. This is the best we could get.
Abbie, Drew and Ben played some music
We took a break for some ice cream
Claire had her first taste of ice cream.
She didn't like it so much
We had a great day at the museum! The kids were worn out!!! Good naps that day!
Later that evening we celebrated Abbie's 9th Birthday.
Ben and Julianne were very eager to help Abbie open her presents
Here she is opening the earrings I got her
And the Justice boxes. That store is pure cuteness. Oh my, Aunt Jenn went a little nutso in that store. So cute! Shaun better prepare himself for when our girls are ready for that store!
Abbie likes clothes. And jewelry. And shoes. I heart this girl.
Ben liked the bracelets too!
And the shoes! So did Julianne
Abbie put on a fashion show with her new outfits
On Saturday, we had my parents and nieces over to Randi's house for some food and fun. 7 kids. It was noisy!!! But oh so fun!
Brantlee was once again paying a ton of attention to Claire. She is the sweetest little girl.
Papa hung Julianne "upside down"
Brantlee took the opportunity to tickle her
Abbie got some tickling in too. Julianne is really ticklish
Bree came over to give Claire some hugs
Brantlee showed off her gymnastics moves
Julianne had to take a break more than onceClaire just took it all in
Those eyes kill me.
Brothers wrestling
We ended the day with mini cupcakes for dessert
They were goooooood!
Thanks for having us Randi, James, Abbie, Drew and Ben! We had such a good time with you guys! Can't wait to see you again!


Liz Mays said...

I can not believe how activity packed that museum was. The ice cream tasting was funny!

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Fun, fun, fun! The car wash at the museum is too cool!

AiringMyLaundry said...

How fun! That museum looks awesome.