Monday, July 5, 2010

Claire - 5 months

You are 5 months old today Claire! You are growing so fast and doing new things everyday. You weigh about 15 pounds and are 24 inches long. You are wearing 3-6 month clothes and a size 2 diaper. Your feet are very tiny and you barely fit into a size 1 shoe. You've got rolls baby! Lots of them. You love to eat. You drink 6-8 ounces every 4 hours during the day. You are starting to eat cereal and we've tried green beans (you did not like those so much but mommy is still trying). You take one nap in the morning for about an hour and then you take an afternoon nap that usually lasts 2-3 hours. At night, you sleep from 9pm-7am.
You HATE laying on your back even to be fed. You always like to be in a sitting or standing position. I think this is probably because of your reflux. You have good days and bad days with it but I think you may be starting to outgrow it. You spit up a lot less than you used to.
You love the exersaucer and now you love your jumparoo too! I can't even express how much you love your sister. You can be very upset and as soon as you see her, you are smiling and laughing. She doesn't even have to do anything to make you smile. You smile if she is in your sight. It is the sweetest thing! You move constantly. Mommy should have known this would be the case based on how you behaved in the womb. You kick your feet constantly and are always trying to move, sit-up and do anything but be still. I am truly scared about how you will be when you start crawling. Mommy is going to be very busy.
You are such a happy baby. You flash smiles all day long and you laugh all the time. We don't even have to work to get smiles out of you. Take for instance our photo shoot today. All mommy had to do was say "Hi Claire" and this is what you did:

I put you on the floor during the photo shoot to try and get some different shots. This is challenging because you move so much. You lay on your tummy and basically swim. When you are on your back and I put you on the floor, you scoot all the way across the room. You pushed your feet so hard the other day that you arched your back and half of your body came off the ground. You are freakishly strong.

You've been rolling from your belly to your back for about 2 months now. You had not rolled completely over from your back to your belly (you always got stuck on your arm).
Like this:
But today, you were very determined and what happened during our photo shoot?
You did it! You were quite proud of yourself.
You are now rolling all over the place and seem very happy about it!
It's so fun to watch your personality develop. You are so full of joy and we love you so much! Happy 5 months Claire!


Brittany said...

What a little honey pie! I love her cute little chunkiness! Chubby babies are my favorite! I just want to chew on those cheeks! :))

I seriously love (and i've said this before) that you take her piture on the same chair.. What great baby book idea!

Liz Mays said...

Next she'll be sitting up for you on her own! She's so bright eyed and eager! And cute!

Lift Like A Mom said...

So precious!!! I love these pictures. The ones of her rolling over look like she's swinging her arm to get her on her belly. Too cute :)

Allison said...

I totally noticed the adorable arm rolls earlier when I was checking out facebook! I want to know your secret for getting your kiddos to sleep through the night. Graedy didn't sleep more than 6 hours until he was a year! Certainly hope out next one (whenever that may be) sleeps like Claire!

AiringMyLaundry said...

She is so precious :)

Talia said...

she's adorable beyond words. I love all these pictures of her. 5 months!! wow!!