Monday, August 30, 2010

A Day at the Beach!

When I was in California last month, I scheduled a photo session with my friend Amanda, who was over at the coast doing her beach sessions. Shaun has been wanting some pictures of me and the girls together so I figured what better place than the beach. The only downside is that Shaun is not in the pictures of course but we got some great ones of the girls with me and with my parents. We had a lot of fun with Amanda and her husband Ryan. Julianne was not too sure about the dirty sand at first so it took her a while to warm up. She hates being dirty. Here are some of my favorites of the photos - I hope you enjoy them!

The only picture we got of the two girls by themselves.....Claire was DONE. And Julianne wanted nothing to do with sitting still or holding her sister.

All of us
The last shot taken...can you say DONE? It's funny though!
Thank you Amanda and Ryan. Our pictures are beautiful and Shaun was so surprised and loved them! I appreciate your patience while working with us and we had so much fun!


Lacey said...

Gorgeous pictures Jenn!! You are starting to make me feel guilty that we don't have any family pictures like this!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! You all look amazing. I love Julianne's pigtails, so cute!

Gerri said...

Great pictures! So adorable....thanks for sharing.

septembermom said...

Such happiness! Sand, sun and the surf all equal fun. Beautiful pictures. The girls look great!

Sally said...

awesome pics, Jenn!! love it! Makes me a bit jealous of your beach time. =)

Kate Riley said...

You really have the most beautiful family! You will always treasure those photos, and memories. So sweet.