Monday, August 9, 2010

Our weekend and a stats update

This weekend was Shaun's weekend to work. Just in case you are not aware of Shaun's new work situation, read this post. He works every sixth weekend in Detroit so the girls and I will be heading there on weekends he is working because we don't want to miss any weekends together. We went Saturday morning and Julianne was so happy to see Shaun! She is a daddy's girl so now when we are only together on weekend's, she is especially all about Shaun. I love seeing Shaun with our girls. It makes me love him even more than I ever did before. He is a such a great daddy. Our time with him is precious, especially this year, so we try and make the most of it.
We went to a park on Saturday afternoon and did some walking and some playing on the jungle gym. Julianne is a "big girl" now and so she likes to walk by herself. She is not fond of holding hands either because she is "a big girl". Did I mention that she is a "big girl"?

It's nice to be in a park where we can just let her roam (close by of course)
All smiles to be with daddy
I think she even liked his kisses (she is not too fond of kisses these days)
But she loves to give big hugs!
Hanging upside-down is one of her favorite things to do
running to daddy
The action shot
Shaun is doing well...pushing the double stroller and holding hands. He's a pro!
Sunday morning we hung out in the hotel room because Shaun got called in to work. It was nice to just relax and let Claire take a good nap. Someone else did not want to take a nap and instead wanted to run around the hotel room, watch "cur-tens" (cartoons), and jump on the couch (thanks mimi)!
Julianne was excited when daddy got back. She put on his shades and was "ready to go"

We went over to a really nice mall and walked around for a bit (and I may have done a bit of shoe shopping...I didn't buy any but it's so fun to look). After shopping for a while, we went to PF Chang's for dinner (yum). Julianne was acting really tired and wanted nothing to do with sitting in a highchair so we let her sit in the booth. She then crawled back and forth between Shaun and I on the booth and just started acting generally crazy. I told Shaun that this is what no nap looks like. She ate a little of her dinner before having a minor meltdown and finally settling on sitting in daddy's lap and doing this:
She passed out. I know she was tired because she hardly ever falls asleep if she is not in bed. Hardly ever in the car, rarely in the stroller, and never in noisy restaurants. We were a bit relieved that she fell asleep because we were able to enjoy our dinner and take our time eating it. Shaun put her here:

The picture is blurry but that is her laying on the booth. She stayed like that until we woke her up to leave. We wanted to let her sleep a bit so I went ahead and ordered that second martini (it was happy hour)! When this girl is awakened from sleep it is never a good thing (unless she wakes up on her own). We left the restaurant and had a full on she's touching me routine because Claire was trying to hold her hand but instead just ended up grabbing her dress and making her mad. Who knew this started this early? After having about 10 minutes to wake up she was in a much better mood and we went back to the hotel and had ice cream (ice cream is a cure all for this kid).
We had a great evening just hanging out together. Shaun got up early for work this morning and the girls and I got ready to take Claire to her 6 month check-up. I now have to take the girls to a pediatrician in Detroit because along with Shaun's job change came a benefits change so now we have to go to their network of doctors. I loved our pediatrician here so it's a bit sad but the new Dr. has a great staff and they were very welcoming. Here is an update to Claire's 6 month post the other day since I now know her stats:
Weight - 16 lbs., 12 ozs. - 75th percentile
Height - 26 1/2 inches - 97th percentile
Head circumference - 50th percentile
Awesomeness - 100th percentile
OK, I added that last one myself but it's true. After Claire got her shots and we were leaving, I asked the nurse to hold her so I could go to the restroom and when I got back the nurse said she was "the most chill baby ever". I couldn't have said it better myself.
This seeing daddy only on weekends thing is really hard but we are making it work. We know all too well how fast a year goes by but I won't mind when this year goes by that fast. It's been rough on me taking care of these girls by myself during the week but I know how hard it is on Shaun to be away from them (and me) all week. We love you babe and miss you more than you know!
We hope that you all had a great weekend. I'm off to bed to hopefully get a good night's sleep to rest up for what will be a very busy week for us.


septembermom said...

It's so sweet to see all these pictures. Your girls are so precious. I love how Julianne is all "big girl" now. My girl tells me that all the time. I love the picture of Claire pulling on Julianne's dress. Do you think she wants to sap clothes already? LOL. Good stats Claire too!

Lift Like A Mom said...

These pics are just too cute. How nice that you guys can go with your husband and still spend the weekends together. The sleeping shots are too cute and made me laugh. Davis will not sleep anywhere unless he is in his bed!

Brittany said...

I love the daddy daughter pictures! SOOO cute!

Kelli said...

That poor baby passing out at the tired. Those pictures of Julianne and Shaun are just adorable. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with him.

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

I love the action shot picture!

What a bummer you had to change doctors. Your Awesomeness add in is hilarious!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Aww, really cute photos! I've always wanted to go to PF Changs.

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

I love daddy-daughter pics, especially sleepy on daddy pics.I cant image having to take care of of two kids alone during the week, your amazing. Hope you have an unhectic (is that a word? prolly not- Oh well) week

What I Did Today said...

Hi! I've got two little girls as well! I just love the pic of Julianne all passed out at the dinner table. Soooo cute.

Gerri said...

You have such an adorable family! Thanks for sharing them with us.