Sunday, September 5, 2010

Julianne - Two and a Half

You are 2 and a half years old today! 30 months! It's unbelievable to me. You are turning into a little girl and growing up so fast. It's so fun to see your personality develop (you are a mini version of your daddy) and see the new things you do everyday. I can't believe how big you are. I went through your pictures the other night from your birth through now and I can't believe how much you've grown and the sheer joy that you have brought to me and daddy. You will never know how much we love you because I can't put it into words. I consider it such a privilege and honor to be your mommy. God has blessed me and everyday I am thankful.

Before I blink and you are 3, I thought I would write down what you are doing now so I don't forget all these little things that make you...well, you.

You love going to school. I have you in a 2 year old preschool class that is 2 mornings a week for an hour and a half and you love it. You want to go to school everyday. Right now, you are on a 2 week break from school and are not happy about it. You keep saying "it's fun to go to school" and "wanna go to school". I try to explain that you'll be going back soon but it doesn't sink in and you ask me again the next day. I think in the winter, we may go to three mornings a week since you like it so much.

You are shy. Really shy. You refuse to talk to strangers. In fact, at school, your teachers told me that you finally started talking to them (it took about 6 weeks of going twice a week for you to feel comfortable talking to them). You talk all day long at home so I just cannot understand this. When people say "she sure is quiet" or something of that sort I am always so shocked because you are anything but quiet at home. Once you feel comfortable around someone, you will talk to them incessantly.

You love your daddy. It's been hard on you having daddy gone right now during the week. I think you wonder where he is a lot but you usually just say "daddy's at work" when he's not at home. You are so happy when he walks in the door on Friday evenings. You don't leave his side for the whole weekend. We are making our weekends count right now and spending a lot of family time together. You love it when daddy makes you fly. He takes you and throws you so high in the air that it makes mommy's heart skip a beat. But the smile it puts on your face is worth it.

You are stubborn. Everything has to be your idea. I will ask you if you want something and you will say "no". Then 5 seconds later you will say that you want it. This sometimes drives mommy crazy but I know it's just your thing you do.

You test the limits. I will tell you not to do something and you will look right at me and do it one more time. Usually with a smirk or whatcha gonna do about it face. Your daddy did this when he was little and actually will sometimes still do it.

You repeat everything we say. EVERYTHING. We have to be careful what we say because you are always listening. Even when we think you aren't.

You still sleep 11-12 hours every night. You take one nap a day usually for about an hour and a half. You are a girl who loves to sleep and when you don't get enough sleep we know it because you are really crabby.

You love animals. You can name just about every animal known to man by seeing a picture of it and you also have to make the sound for that animal after you name it. Your favorite animal right now is an elephant and you like to say that the "elephant says trumpety-trump!"

You can count to 20 and you know your ABC's. You even recognize most of the letters when I hold them up and say "what letter is this?"

You know almost every color now. Mommy has been working on this with you and you are doing great recognizing colors everywhere. We play the what color game all the time, especially while we are in the car. You are still working on brown, silver, and purple.

You love to watch TV. I try to limit how much TV you watch but it sure is hard when you ask so nicely. Your favorite shows are Sesame Street, Jack's Big Music Show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the "Badigans" (Backyardigans). You can't get enough of any of these shows. You know every word to every single one of their theme songs.

You also know almost every word of mommy's Lady Antebellum CD. I listen to it all the time and you started to memorize the words. You now know almost every song and sing it loud in the car. You love music and love to sing.

You still love dancing. I turn music on a lot when I want some noise but don't want the TV on and we have a dance party in the living room. I love that you love dancing because it is one of my most favorite things to do.

You sing yourself to sleep at night. Every night. You also sing when you wake up in the mornings or from naps. You will usually sing "Old MacDonald", "Twinkle Twinkle", "If you're happy and you know it", or "Itsy Bitsy Spider". When you finish a song you say "good job singing" and clap for yourself. It cracks us up!

You adore your baby sister. She is always the first thing on your mind in the morning because you ask me if Claire is awake. If I tell you she is you say "wanna say hi Cwear" and if she is not you say "baby Cwear be up soon!" It's really sweet.

Your language is just expanding like crazy. You are starting to speak in full sentences and with such insight, it's amazing. Here are some of the new things that you are saying:
"Oh my goodness"
"Goodness gracious"
"Baby Cwear's awake"
"I'm playing with Cwear"
"geek-a-boo" (peek-a-boo)
"Hi Cwear. Talk to me Cwear."
"What are you doing Cwear"
"Whatcha gonna do?"
"What are you waiting for?"
"Wanna watch penguins in the car" (this is how you tell me you want to watch Happy Feet)
"Wanna drink my milk on the couch"
"Want milk please mommy" (I'm trying to teach you to ask nicely when you want something because you can be a bit demanding at times).
"had fun at school"
"Awwww, look at her" (this is what you say when Claire is doing something cute)
"I gotta get outta here!"
"Is everbody ready?"
"Want mommy hold you" (this means you want me to hold you)

I should really start writing down things you are saying on a daily basis because it's something new everyday and usually, it's really funny.

You are independent. I can leave you at school with no problems. We walk into your classroom and you go running for something to play with while shouting "bye mommy" and waving. You can play by yourself and keep yourself entertained pretty well. You seem to have a lot of confidence and are never clingy.

You are obsessed with talking in the third person. Everything that you are going to do you say "Julianne's gonna....." before you say it. You are also obsessed with being a big girl. Put the two together and what do you get? "Julianne's a big girl". Yep, you say that about 500 times a day.

You hate having your picture taken. You usually go running when you see me get the camera out. I was able to snap a few of you this morning though:

It's just amazing to me how grown up you look. You still have those big squishy cheeks though which I love. You get those from daddy too!
You get distracted easily, like when you need to point at something for me to see.
Happy half birthday big girl! We love you very much!


Randi said...

Happy 2 1/2 Julianne! You are getting so big and look like such a beautiful big girl! I can't believe how much you have changed in the two months since I saw you!! xoxoxox

septembermom said...

She is a gorgeous girl full of fun and curiosity! What a great post Jenn. Hope she enjoys all that big girl "2" has to offer. I know she will!!

Liz Mays said...

She's a pretty, pretty girl and it's wonderful that she has an independent spirit!

Mimi said...

Happy 2-1/2 birthday baby girl. Mini and Papa can hardly wait to see you next week. We're bringing some surprises for you. We love you sooo much!!

Sally said...

Happy 2 1/2 Julianne!! So glad we finally got to meet you before you hit this milestone. =) Jenn - you've inspired me to FINALLY update my blog...the 5th passed by before I even realized that Major was another month older. I better get on the ball before I have two w/ "5th" birthdays. LOL

Ashley said...

Great post! For some reason it actually brought tears to my eyes...I guess I can't imagine my little baby being 2 1/2!! She's such a cutie!!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Aww, so sweet!

Natalie likes that Jack's Big Music Show too.

Gerri said...

She looks so grown up in those pictures! She's a sweetie...thanks for sharing Jenn.

Familiy is the "Senter" of Life said...

She is too grown up :) and :(

Bitter sweet

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

They do grow up so quickly! She is adorable and sounds like she is full of personality!

Both of my daughters have those Tinkle Toes too. They love them! And all of their friends and cousins are getting them too.