Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time trick-or-treating this year! This is the first year that Julianne has understood what Halloween is all about...getting candy of course! We put the girls in their outfits and headed off to some of our neighbors. We didn't go too far because it was COLD. Really cold.

Here she is getting ready to go. We were trying to bribe her to put her hat on.
I'll let you guess if it worked or not
Did you guess yet?
The wind worked to her advantage
It was half taken off, half blown off
The upside is that she finally smiled for a photo because she got the hat off.
Not looking at the camera but smiling. I'll take it!
She carried this for about 30 feet before she got tired of it and gave it back to me

First house we went to.
She said "trick-or-treat" all day but of course when everyone answered the door she clammed up. That's our shy girl!
She was more interested in the flowers than she was in candy.
Her pumpkin started getting heavy so she had me carry it
Claire. The chillest baby ever. Total go with the flow girl. Didn't make a peep!
We let her walk by herself because "Julianne's a big girl". She was a little slow but did great!
She wanted to dig in her bag after every house and open up the candy
Daddy finally gave in and let her have a sucker. Apparently, she can't walk and eat a sucker at the same time so daddy carried her a while. How spooky is that Halloween sky?
Daddy is a pro now. Holding a girl in one arm and pushing the a girl with the other!
She LOVES suckers!
It got dark but we went on. I think we made it to about 12 houses. Of course they are all friends of ours so we had to stop and chit-chat a while. After we got back, daddy posed with the girls for some pictures.
Julianne wore her hat. Of course
Then it was sugar high time. She got crazy!
Super crazy!
We had a great Halloween and we hope you did too!


Mimi said...

So sorry we missed another holiday with our girls. Hopefully that will end soon. Love you all!!

What I Did Today said...

Hahaha! Great pictures and such fun costumes. I'm totally gonna keep up the matching theme thing too. As long as my kids will let me anyways.

bandofbrothers said...

such a cute family you are. love the new header!