Monday, October 25, 2010

I pushed her....but she had fun

We are trying to cram as many outdoor activities in as we can before it gets too cold here to go outside (which will probably be sometime next month) so Friday we scheduled our play date with some friends at a greenhouse in a neighboring town that really does it up for Halloween. They have big inflatable castles with balls in them, giant slides, play equipment, and a hayride. We met Julianne's friends Jayden and Carter there.
Julianne started having a blast immediately She even stuck her head through so I could snap a picture!
She saw the castle with the balls in it and was intrigued....brave enough to climb up the ramp but not quite brave enough to go in
So what does any good mom who wants her little girl to have a good time (and paid $10 for it) do? Yep, I pushed her in. Mother of the year people, mother of the year. She started to climb back out and gave me a look like what did you do that for? Then, she saw the other kids jumping and playing in the balls and joined right in. Her friends quickly followed.

I knew she would love it once she was in so I'll just put me pushing her in on the list of I did it for her own good.
It was soon evident that I might have trouble getting her out of it. She did not want to do anything else after this.

She kept coming over and saying "Hi mommy...hi Claire!"
She wouldn't even get near this one when we first got there, but after jumping in the castle for a while, she was ready to tackle this one (on her own of help needed for miss independent).
Jayden quickly joined her and they had a blast jumping
My friend April took Julianne on the big slide (I had Claire in the Bjorn and didn't think I could make it up there with both of them). Julianne loved it!
We then went on a hayride.
And I actually got to take a picture in front of the camera for a change
Julianne loved the "tractor" but immediately wanted to go back to "go play in the balls".
Poor Claire is never in any pictures when I'm wearing her in the Bjorn. This is the best I could do. Self portraits with the big camera are a little tricky!
We had a blast...except for when we went to leave and Julianne had the meltdown of all meltdowns because she didn't want to go. The price we pay these days for taking her to do fun things. I'm hoping it's a phase.
Saturday, the girls and I went to a pumpkin carving party with some friends from the mom's club I am a member of. Shaun wasn't home this weekend (he's studying for a board exam he had this week) so I had to take both of them by myself. My original idea was to carve pumpkins but I knew it wouldn't be possible while holding Claire and keeping an eye on Julianne around all the sharp instruments. So, we broke out Julianne's big ole Ms. potato head kit and made potato head pumpkins instead. I still gutted them and then just punched holes in them with a small carving knife before inserting the parts. Easy. Fast. And really cute! I now introduce Julianne and Claire's pumpkins:

Julianne was pretty proud of hers.

Anything that makes my girl smile like this is worth any amount of effort

Claire was not in the mood to take a picture with her pumpkin because it was about 9pm by the time we got home (about an hour past her bed time) but I just decided to post this picture anyway to prove that there is that 1% of the time when this kid is not happy.
She really does like her pumpkin though!


Liz Mays said...

I think it's sweet how she kept checking in with you!

bandofbrothers said...

your girls are so adorable! I LOVE the potato head pumpkins! They are awesome!

Sally said...

I love the potato head pumpkin idea. So cute!!

Allison said...

I finally got all caught up on reading your posts! Love all of your cute ideas. I'm going to have to share the pumpkin carving with my mom's group (joining was another idea from you...thanks!)I loved the pics from the pumpkin patch-the girls outfits were perfect with the scenery! The dance party was pretty cute too-glad the girls are all better and back to having a great time!

septembermom said...

Awww, poor Claire!! She's even cute crying :) Looks like Julianne had a blast. I want to go in that jumpy house too and down that slide!