Friday, October 29, 2010

Preschool Halloween Party

Julianne had her Halloween party at school on Thursday. We didn't want to get her other costume dirty and really, who is Little Bo Peep without her sheep? So, I got her a Minnie Mouse dress to wear. I put it on her and she said "I look so pretty". And she did!

She wasn't too sure about the ears at first
She loved her sparkly shoes though!
Of course, she had to take pictures with her pumpkin
She is in love with that pumpkin
It makes her happy. Too bad it's rotting inside....ewwww!
She's going to miss her when she's gone
We headed off to school. All the kids looked so cute in their costumes. I left my camera so the teachers could take some pictures for me.
Here she is with one of her teachers. This is show and tell time when they got up in front of the class to show off their costume. She looks thrilled doesn't she?
Again...looking thrilled
The whole class. It's called "perky kids". That is an understatement! I find it amazing how they get this class of 2 year olds to sit still and do things in an orderly fashion. It is unbelievable.
A Halloween dance party!
Checking out the fireman
And finally, getting her treat bag!
Julianne kept talking about the party all day. And eating junk food all day. There was a donut in her treat bag and she was so excited. She loves donuts. I let her eat it for lunch. Why not? I'd eat donuts for lunch if I had the chance!


septembermom said...

She's so sweet! She's adorable in pink!

Home Sweet Sarah said...

Beautiful girls!