Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

It's pumpkin patch time again. It seems like just yesterday that we did this last year, when Julianne was just a wee one and Claire was just half-cooked in my belly! This year we took both of the girls to the same place we went last year. My mom's club group had a picnic and then we had some fun at the ranch!

The great thing about Ohio in the fall is that it gets cooler, the leaves change color, and you're just a stone's throw from the middle of nowhere to go to places like this. The bad thing is that this year we apparently have an outbreak of yellow jackets. Shaun got stung protecting Julianne (he took one off of her head and it stung him - my hero)! This made it impossible to stay around the picnic area very long (they liked all of our yummy food) but we made the most of it and ate really fast and visited with friends (my mom's club has been a God send...some of the best ladies I've ever met and I love this group so much)!

Julianne hates posing for pictures now. HATES it.
Claire on the other hand is very happy to pose for pictures!
She got to hang out with daddy and was loving every minute of it!

Julianne ran around collecting leaves and I snapped pictures as I could (if she sees me coming with it she turns the other way)
Julianne and her friend Jayden
leaves are fascinating.....
She had to show them to me
and carry them around
petting farm time...she loved it!
This year there were baby cow's and she liked them!
Bunnies are always a big hit
Claire liked the animals too!
Julianne loved looking at the cow but did not want to pet it.

So they had a staring contest instead
You can go in to pet the goats. She was quite excited about that.
She was more excited about the big bucket of water they drink out of..."WATER!"
She did pet the goats though, and the goat was quite interested in her.
And look who got on a horse and rode it all by herself. Such a big girl!
We were so scared she was going to fall off (they put her on the biggest horse they had) but she held on like a champ!

She really was having fun even though her annoyed look here doesn't show it.
She of course looked away when she realized I was taking pictures
She said hi to the geese
and "honked" at them
Trying again for a posed picture. Claire = smiling, Julianne=ignoring me
We had the brilliant idea for Shaun to self-snap a picture of the 4 of us. FAIL.
There, that's better. NOT.
We had to take a break for some tickle time to cheer our girl up
The best we could do
Julianne saw a big kid climb up on to the wagon and so then it was her mission to do the same
She got really MAD when she couldn't reach her foot up there
really MAD
"wanna get on wagon"
we had to help even though "Julianne's a big girl"
looking for gold
I don't know what she saw but something cool apparently
When we got home we had a mini photo shoot. Claire again obliged. I wish I could bottle the joy that his kid has and drink it. She is so dang happy!
Julianne wanted to "hold Claire" and take a picture
but still didn't want to look at the camera
happiest. baby. ever.
Happy Fall everyone!!!


Liz Mays said...

Your girls are so cute in their fall colors with those delightful grins!

septembermom said...

The girls look adorable in orange! Looks like so much fun. Check out your awesome cowgirl :) Love Claire's pretty closeup too.

molly june. said...

ahh! i just LOVE the pumpkin patch. your girls are just so sweet, too. sometimes the outtakes are even better then the real thing, eh? :) they make you remember the true moment. what kind of family is all perfectly picturesque anyways? i think i just made that word up. awesome. haa.