Tuesday, November 30, 2010

California bound?

We have one of the greatest little travelers there ever was. She always has been. In the car, on planes...she's amazing! I was a bit worried when my mom took her to California. She's been in a bit of a mommy phase lately. She started crying when I dropped them at the airport but my mom said she quickly recovered once I was out of sight. After that, she barely mentioned me for the rest of her time with my parents. Here are some pics of their plane ride:

watching Happy Feet with her new super cool headphones that mimi got her
Julianne had a fabulous time with my parents. She was there with them for four days and then they drove up north to meet us at our destination. Our flight to California with Claire was quite a different experience than we have been used to. We didn't know it at the time but she was getting sick and was CRANKY. She cried most of the way and Shaun and I wanted to cry too. Thank goodness for Southwest drink coupons!

We went out to California to check out an area where we could potentially move. Shaun is in his final year of training and will be done in June. It is now the time where he is looking for a practice to join. We never thought California was a possibility but long story short, it is now. Shaun and I spent the weekend getting to know the Dr. who is looking to add to his practice and his wife. My parents came up to take care of the girls as we were busy most of the weekend. We got to stay in a great beach house that was right on the water. It was so beautiful.

view from the living room
Claire liked the ocean view!
This is the view of the house from the beach (the one in the center of the picture)
We didn't get to spend too much time on the beach because it rained almost the whole time we were there but Julianne got a little time in. She loves the ocean!
So do I. Who couldn't love this view?
Claire and I enjoyed some bubble time on the deck

She had a horrible cold but was still happy!
This picture makes my heart happy!
This man of mine loves his girls!
Making her own footprints
taking a walk with daddy
This girl is a maniac! Everything goes in the mouth. She was trying to climb over the back of the couch. She is already a climber!
Lots of sister playtime over the weekend
We were originally supposed to come home on Tuesday but both of the girls got bad colds and we decided it would be better for them not to fly so we extended our trip for a few days and went to my parents for Thanksgiving. It was a nice week and we unexpectedly got to see some family and friends. We got home Saturday and are trying to get back into our routine. The girls still seem to be on west coast time but they are both feeling better!
California is one of the possibilities for where we will move in June. There are a few others as well. We have some BIG decisions ahead of us. I am a bit stressed about it, I'm not gonna lie. I have to trust that we will end up exactly where God wants us to be. I do believe that this California girl could get used to living near the beach! We shall see!
We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Beautiful beach house! You are going to love living here...so much to do. I hope the girls are better now. Good luck with your decision, we never know where life will take us!

Sally said...

WOW! Maybe back to CA, huh? Beach living sounds awesome to me! Although when will I ever see you then?? =) Can't wait to hear all about your adventures...dont stress...God has an amazing plan for you guys!

septembermom said...

What a wonderful trip! I love all those photos. California looks terrific. I would love to go there someday. It's great to think that the ocean is practically in your backyard in a way :)