Friday, November 5, 2010

Claire - 9 months

Oh my sweet little Claire bear! How is it that you are 9 months old already? It seems like yesterday that we were holding your tiny newborn self in that hospital room thanking God for the blessing that is you. Today, I am even more grateful for the gift of you. You are such a ray of sunshine and we are so blessed that you are ours.

You are a busy girl. You do not sit still for anything. You hate laying down, even to drink a bottle. You are almost impossible to dress and it is a challenge to change your diaper. I left you with a babysitter last night and she said "how do you get clothes on her?" after she had the challenge of getting your pj's on. You are incredibly strong and will turn yourself over and crawl away in a second. I literally break out into a sweat sometimes when I am trying to get you dressed.

You really want to walk. You are cruising while holding onto furniture (sometimes with just one hand). I am terrified for when you start walking because you are going to be all over the place. You are going to climb. Today, you started climbing the stairs and got 2 steps up before I even knew what happened.

You started clapping this month. You are also becoming quite the dancer. You are what I call a "head bopper" and you love to join in when Julianne and I have a dance party. You also started waving this month. You haven't perfected it but you're getting really good at it. Julianne loves it when you wave and screeches out "she's waving at me!"

You went to the Dr. the other day for your 9 month appointment. You weigh 18 pounds, 12 ounces (55th percentile) and are 29 inches tall (98th percentile). You are tall just like your sister.

You've started babbling a lot more and say some things that are recognizable. I have been trying to get you to say mama and you usually respond with "dadadada" but when you are upset and crying you come crawling towards me and say "mamamama". Sometimes it really does sound like you say "hi". You are very vocal and I usually always know where you are because you are babbling or laughing.

You love to chase Julianne. She runs from you and you speed crawl after her. You both laugh hysterically.

We had a photo shoot today. These are getting more and more difficult because you do not want to sit in your chair. Good thing my camera takes pictures fast! You have started this new thing of sticking your tongue out at me when I'm taking your picture. I'm not sure why but it's funny.

Here you are getting ready to take off
You were going to climb right out of that chair
You think you're funny (you are)
You finally got teeth this month. Your two bottom teeth are coming in at the same time. You do this alot.
But are still smiley
You were playing with my lens cap and Julianne went and took it from you and said "no no Claire". This was your reaction.
I told her it was o.k. and she gave it back
Silly girl
Your teeth also make you do this way more than you normally do
You are sitting in a high chair now because you finally out grew the bumbo chair. Your legs got stuck in it the other day when I tried to lift you out so you graduated to the big girl chair. You seem to like it.
Are you telling me the food is bad?
Where did Claire go?
There she is. You love peek-a-boo!
I think you may be ready to ditch the bottle for a sippy cup. You are always taking your sister's when she isn't looking.
She promptly retrieves it because "that's Julianne's cup"
Your sister is pretty territorial over some of her things but she loves you so much. She helps me put you to bed for every nap and at night. She gives you your blanket and says "night night Claire bear, I looooooooooove you"! She waves to you and turns out the light and shuts your door. When we go to get you in the morning she says "good morning Claire are you?...did you sleep good?" Nothing warms my heart more than watching the two of you play together and love each other already!
You have brought so much joy into our home Claire. We all love you so much! Happy 9 months sweet girl!


bandofbrothers said...

from the photos you can tell she is quite the character! so cute~

Mimi said...

I can testify to the fact that she's hard to dress. She is such a sweet, happy, busy girl and I can't believe she's 9 months old already. Love you Claire bear!!!

septembermom said...

So cute! I can tell that she has a great personality. Watch out world, Claire is coming!!!

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

I always love the photos of Claire in that chair!

I am sure she cannot wait to run around with her older sister!