Thursday, November 18, 2010

When my sister's away....

So everyone keeps asking what mommy and I have been doing this week with my sister gone. It's the first time I've been an only child and I think I like it. I miss my sister but I sure am getting a lot of attention. My mommy keeps going on about how she is getting a lot of stuff done this week because she only has me to take care of and I still sleep a lot. I decided to be all awesome and stuff and take 2 two hour naps a day this week. I'm pretty tired because I usually only get one nap at home in my comfy bed and have to take my other nap in the car while we are running around going here and there and dropping my sister off at school. Mommy is always waking me up to go into Target, Joann's, the mall, and anywhere else she feels like going while Julianne is at school. I'm not sure why she has school right during what would be my morning nap time. This being the second child stuff is the pits sometimes. Anyway, since mommy had a big to-do list this week, I've been helping her. I am such a good helper. That's what mommy always says although she says it with a hint of sarcasm. I'm not sure why.

I mean really...check me out. I can rearrange the pantry. I know mommy likes things a certain way but sometimes baby knows best.
I sort mail. I help mommy get rid of daddy's boring medical journals that come by eating them.
I try to help mommy with her addiction by not letting her near the diet coke. I help with dishes
Sometimes I am mischievous and do stuff like this....
I just wanted to play with the box and I totally forgot that my sister wasn't here so I could blame it on her. But seriously folks, who are we kidding? Who could get mad at a face like this? I just flash a smile and my mommy is a pile of goo.
Works every time
I can style my hair like nobody's business. When I eat, I am MESSY and it gets all in my hair and then I just run my fingers through it a bit and voila! Did you know that baby food works just as well as hair gel?
Mommy and I are having a blast together this week. We are really excited to get on a plane tomorrow and go to California. I've been there once before and I liked it! Until then, I'm just going to keep on entertaining mommy like I did earlier today. She even video taped me so you could catch a glimpse of my cuteness.

We'll be back after our visit to the left coast (or the best coast as mommy calls it). Have a great weekend everybody!

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septembermom said...

Claire, you have been busy! You are one little cute adventurer.