Sunday, December 26, 2010


We had an interesting Christmas here. My parents arrived on the 23rd and my dad was sicky, sick, sick. He felt better the next day and we had a nice Christmas eve with homemade chicken and dumpling's. We let the girls open a few Christmas presents on Christmas eve because we knew it was going to be present overload the next morning.

Julianne was very excited about her big bag

What can it be? "There's something in there" she kept saying.

Claire got a bag and she thought that was the present.

She tackled it

and stood up with it like she's all big and stuff

She was quite content to just play with the bag!

This is what was in Julianne's bag. The dance star Mickey. Have ya'll seen this thing? It is so cool. Julianne doesn't think so. She seems to get creeped out when stuffed animals move and sing. She wasn't fond of her tickle me Elmo either. I should have known. Claire digs it though. And I like it too so double score!

Claire liked the tissue paper best.

And chewing on bags. She got her top two teeth for Christmas!

Julianne got a chest full of dress up clothes. BIG HIT! She immediately wanted to put the dress and shoes on. It's amazing. She hadn't the slightest interest in this stuff just a few months ago. Now she is all about the dresses and her "pretty shoes"

See? Pretty shoes.

This is what our family room looked like when we went to bed on Christmas eve. Holy present overload batman!

We woke up Christmas morning to find that my mom had been puking since 4am. She was really sick so we just did a few presents and then she slept most of the day to recover while we played, took naps, and just took it easy. It was nice except for my mom being sick.

Claire got a new dinosaur walker/rider. She digs it.

Julianne got a baby grand. Major hit!

She also got a microphone on a stand. This is probably her favorite present that she got. She is putting it to use just about everyday. Best $30 I ever spent!

She also got a guitar (pink of course)

And a saxophone. Do you see a trend here? The kid loves music I tell ya.

Christmas morning dress up. The socks just make the ensemble don't ya think?

Claire was happy playing with the toys we already had.

Julianne got her own personalized Dr. jacket (thanks Aunt Tiff and Uncle Chris). Shaun gave her a stethoscope to complete the outfit.

following in daddy's footsteps?

She immediately went to work on papa.

She looks deep in thought doesn't she?

Claire's favorite past time of Christmas was eating stuff. You know, like tags off of clothing.

Oh, and climbing. The kid is a climber. Lord, help me.

And just to prove that the microphone is Julianne's favorite present, here is a video Shaun took on Christmas of her singing her favorite Christmas song. A baby changes everything by Faith Hill. I love this song which is why she knows all the words. We listened to it in the car during the Christmas season and now she wants to sing it all the time. I don't mind hearing it over and over when it sounds like this. I love this kid. Maybe she's going to be a Dr. and a rock star!

Untitled from Jennifer S. on Vimeo.

We finished our Christmas the day after Christmas and opened the rest of our gifts and had a yummy dinner (if I do say so myself). We hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and wish you the happiest of New Year's!


Sally said...

She's quite the performer...holding the mic, shaking her hair out...I love it!

septembermom said...

What a perfectly glorious Christmas at your house! Love the pink guitar. All the pictures are great. Wishing you all the best in 2011 Jenn!