Sunday, December 5, 2010

Claire - 10 months

You are 10 months old today. Your first birthday is sneaking up on me and I have so much to do. A party to plan. A slide show to make. Presents to buy. How can you be this old already? We've had a rough few days with a stomach bug that has been creeping through our house. First Julianne, then me, now you. Even though you are still a bit under the weather, you were still willing to smile for your pictures today. Yet another reason to love you.

It's getting harder and harder to take your pictures every month. You'd rather do this:
and this....
You can refocus
And be all "look how cute I am"
Then you start to you can get out of this chair
You plot your escape
and you're off to cruise, and crawl, and find every single thing in your room that you can put in your mouth.
and turn the trash can over. This is your absolute favorite thing to do. In any room.
but you are so cute I don't even care.
You've made some big strides this month. You can wave, you can clap and you are babbling up a storm. You say "dada" a lot but you only say "mama" when you are upset or crying. You are cruising like crazy on furniture and will let go and stand on your own for about 5-10 seconds. You love the walker. Check you out:

You get really happy and proud when you walk.

You really like to climb. You already try to climb out of your crib. You are so going to be one of those kids who has to have a net over your crib to keep you in there. We already have it on the lowest position. You also know how to climb stairs which I didn't know until you were half way up them. I'm pretty sure that you will be our kid who breaks a bone early. You sure do keep me on my toes.

You weigh about 19 pounds and are almost 30 inches tall. You wear a size 3 diaper. You wear 6-12 month clothes. You are getting your top two teeth and another one on bottom. You hate green vegetables. You love puffs and are learning to self-feed. You think your sister is hilarious. You love your pacifier but I only let you have it for bed (unless I am desperate). You did not like Santa Claus (more on that to come). You love having your picture taken. I can just point the camera at you and you start smiling. You look EXACTLY like my baby pictures. It's unreal. We were looking at my childhood pictures when we visited mimi and papa last week and it was crazy. Daddy calls you "little mommy".

You do not sit still for more than about 10 seconds at a time. Busy, busy, busy....that's you!

Which leads me to the new one we can add to your list of things you hate this month: flying. You liked it before you were mobile but now you hate any situation that confines you.

You are full of spunk and I love it!

You are growing so fast and getting so big! I love every day of being your mommy! Happy 10 months Claire - we love you so much!


Sally said...

Happy 10 months, Claire!! Time goes by so fast!

shaun said...

Happy 10 months. Cutey! Love you. Daddy

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

I can't believe she is 10 months!! Happy Early Early Bday~ She is just adorable! However, my favorite photo BY FAR is the one right below where you wrote "You plot your escape"...

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

OMG, it seems like I just read the 9 month post just yesterday! You should use a flash program to put the chair photos together to flash, it would be too cute!

AiringMyLaundry said...

She is so precious!