Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Julianne's Christmas Party

Julianne had her Christmas party at preschool and we had a great time! I left Claire with a sitter so I could go and take pictures and video and have fun with my big girl. Julianne was so excited for her party. The kids had been practicing for their big performance for weeks and she was all ready to sing. We got her all dressed up in her pretty dress and when I put it on her she said "I'm a princess". Yes, my pretty girl. Yes, you are! I kept taking pictures but all Julianne kept saying was "I want a cupcake". I made cupcakes for the party the night before and wouldn't let her have one. I told her she had to wait for the party and about 2 seconds after we walked in she kept repeating "I want a cupcake!" One track mind.

I got her a cupcake and some other snacks and we sat down to do a craft. Can you see her wreath? She is so my kid.....shapes placed almost perfectly on the outlines. OCD runs in her genes.
She was ready to devour the cupcake
She ate it with a fork because she "is a big girl"
It was so delicious she had to close her eyes and take it all in
Note to self: make white cupcakes instead of red velvet next time
Open wide!
After crafts and snacks, they gathered the kids to their spots and Julianne was ready to go (look how excited she was!)
Then she got serious when it was time to perform
They played instruments to Rudolph and Jingle Bells
Then they sang this song. She still sings it. Every day! What is cuter than 15 two year olds singing and dancing? Not much I tell ya, not much!


Liz Mays said...

Look at that happy red velvet face!

Venassa said...

Aw that's too cute. She seems like such a happy girl.

Brittany said...

Too cute for words! She is such a doll! A princess for sure!