Friday, December 10, 2010

Pukey puke

What a week it's been at our house. Last Thursday, Julianne went to school and was as happy as could be. Around nap time, I gave her some milk, she drank all of it and then promptly threw up every bit of it on the couch, living room carpet, and me. Ewwww. Very odd for Julianne. She never gets sick. She's thrown up once before and that was because she was crying so hard that she made herself throw up. This hit her like a ton of bricks. Fine one minute, puking the next. The rest of that afternoon was puke, puke, and more puke. She couldn't hold anything down. Not even water. She felt horrible. I hated seeing her like that. We made it through the day and I put her to bed. She seemed to feel better the next morning and I thought we were in the clear. Not to be. She threw up once that day which was a huge improvement from the day before. However, I started feeling a bit sick on Friday afternoon and by seven that night, lost my cookies (and everything else I ate that day). It's one thing to be sick. It's another to be sick yourself, running back and forth to the bathroom, and trying to care for two little ones. Did I mention that Shaun didn't come home last weekend because he had to work? Awesome.

I managed to get the girls to bed that night and spent the entire night throwing up. I felt better the next morning but woke up to find that poor Claire had thrown up a few times during the night (but didn't cry) so she was covered in dried vomit and so was her crib. It was official, we all had it. The next few days were terrible. What I thought was a 24 hour bug turned into a five day ordeal. I've been puked and pooped more times in the last week than the whole time I've been a mom. It was so bad on Sunday that even Julianne said "this poo poo is ridiculous!" My thoughts exactly Julianne, my thoughts exactly. My poor girls had diarrhea so bad I was changing diapers every 15 minutes and they both got horrible rashes. I cried more than once from being emotionally and physically exhausted. Finally on Tuesday, things started to improve. Today, we are 100% recovered and now.....the clean up begins!!!
Anyone know how to get the smell of toddler vomit out of a couch and the carpet? Anyone? Thank goodness we are better now. And the greatest news? Daddy gets home tomorrow! Now that I've lost a week in a very busy time of year, I've got a lot of catching up to do. We hope you all had a better week than we did!


Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Wow, that is tough! I am so sorry you all got sick. Isn't horrible how it spreads through the house? I am glad you are all feeling better, but I have no idea how to get the smell out...good luck!

andiscandis said...

Hazel has never puked, but I'd try Febreeze first. Glad you're better!

Sally said...

Ugh. I don't know how I would have made it're my hero. Glad you're better now! I don't have any idea on the smell, but let me know what you end up doing (maybe a google search is in order?)...I have spilled milk on my couch/chairs.

Gerri said...

Wow, what an ordeal. I'm glad you are all feeling better!

Odorzout works great on carpets and it's safe for kids and pets. Its a granulated stuff that absorbs smells. After you've washed the carpet and let it dry sprinkle the odorzout on the offensive area and let it sit. After 24 hours vacuum it up. If smell remains just keep repeating every 24 hours until the smell is out. This stuff works great on anything smelly. You could put the couch cushions in a large garbage bag with the odorzout, tie it up and leave it sit. I swear by this even takes the smell out of your microwave after you've burnt popcorn...worst smell ever. I had several elderly cats that never seemed to make it to the litter box and it would take the smell right out of the carpet. I think if it can take out the cat pee smell it can certainly work it's magic on toddler vomit. I get mine at petsmart but I think they sell it at WalMart too. Good luck with all your clean up!