Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas decorations

With the sickness that hit our house last week, it's a good thing my mom came out before we went to California to help with my Christmas decorations. I don't think I would have got it done if she hadn't. It may seem silly to put Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving but now....not so silly after all. Now it's done and we get to enjoy them for even longer. I got the outside decorations up also before the weather turned bad (it's 12 degrees right now....-5 with the wind chill). Here's a glimpse of our home at Christmas time:

This is the little tree in the front living room window. It contains all of our personalized ornaments that friends and family have given to us over the years.
The staircase
The dining room. I love this garland hanging on the big mirror. The decorations in this room are eggplant and silver to match the decor.
Some new things I picked up this year. Love the silver tree and reindeer (thank you Homegoods)
The top of the entertainment center in our family room.
The mantle. No stockings yet because some little girls like to pull them down.
Our tree. We had to put it on a higher table this year because a certain little 10 month old is very interested in it. I kind of like it up high like this...makes it seem larger!
Have I mentioned before how awesome my mom is. Well, she is. I could never do this without her (well, I probably could but it wouldn't get done in time for Christmas). The best part? My parents will be here to help me take it down too (you know you can't wait mom)! I don't have pictures of the outside because it's FREEZING outside and the wind is blowing about 30 mph right now. It looks'll just have to trust me! Merry Christmas everyone!!


bandofbrothers said...

wow, you guys go all out! looks lovely! my hubby often complains that I don't have enough decorations. I'm like "i can remedy that reeaaaaalllll quick if you fork over some dough"! and so awesome that your mom will help put it away!

john and the boys just moved our little tree in front of the front window and we love it. look just perfect!

Mimi said...

I so look forward to helping you do this every year. I must admit it's a lot more fun to put it up than to take it down, but I'm happy to help with that too!! Love you all so much and can hardly wait to get there to share your Christmas with you!!