Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Claire - 11 months

How can it be that we have started the one month countdown to your first birthday? I just can't believe it. You are growing up so fast. This has been a big month for you.

You took your first steps. You love to walk. It makes you really happy. Usually it makes you so happy that you fall down. You've taken about 8 steps all at once but we keep trying to get it on camera and it hasn't happened yet. I can't believe how early you are walking. Mommy is not ready for you to walk. You are very mischievous and I'm sure will only get into more trouble now that you're walking.

You can get to a standing position by yourself without pulling up on anything. Every time you do this your sister says "look...she's standing up!"

You have a lot to say. You are a very vocal little thing. You say mama, dada, hi, and yeah (at least that's what we think you are saying). You say about a million other things that don't quite make sense yet. We know you are trying to tell us something though!

You got your top two teeth this month. They have broken through and are still causing you some pain. You now have a total of 4 teeth.

You still wear 6-12 month clothes. I'm not sure how much you weigh currently but probably close to 20 pounds. You wear a size 3 diaper.

You are switching to one nap a day (yay!) and sleep about 2 1/2 - 3 hours for that nap. You sleep 12-13 hours at night.

You are either extremely happy or extremely unhappy. There is not much middle ground with you.

You don't like it when you are not near me. If I leave the room, you cry. I left you with a sitter tonight and you started crying when I left. The sitter said the second I walked out of the door and shut it, you stopped. I'm pretty sure it's all a big act. :)

You are taking after your sister and becoming quite the dancer. I call you a "bopper". You bop your head and sometimes your entire body. It's a different style of dance than your sister, but you both feel the music and I love it. We love nothing more than having a dance party in the living room.

You are a big ham. Whenever we pull the camera out you smile and start laughing. You love having your picture taken. Evidence follows:

This is your serious pose.

You have just a couple of tiny curls on the back of your head and I love them!
You are a climber. This is new territory for mommy. Your sister never climbed but you love nothing more than to climb on top of anything you can reach....
Like the doll stroller
You like to make big messes! This is what happened when I turned my back for 2 minutes while making dinner the other night. You got in the pantry and went crazy!

I was like "Claire, what did you do?" and you were all "uh, could you think I would do something like that?"
Your favorite thing to do is to climb the stairs. You smile and laugh the whole way up. You must think you are doing something pretty cool.
Again with the climbing.....
We had to move that step stool on top of the counter so you would stop climbing on it. We just won't let you have any fun. :)
It's been a fun month with you Claire bear! We are now in full birthday countdown mode. Mommy is planning your party and working on your first year slide show. We can't wait to celebrate a year of you! You are such a blessing to us and we love you so much! Happy 11 months Claire!


Mimi said...

Her smile melts my heart!!!

Ashley said...

Love this post! She is too cute;) Such a big girl!!! Go Clair Go!!

andiscandis said...

I love the pink polka-dot jammies. For some reason she looks so much older to me than Reed does. Maybe it's the hair?