Monday, February 21, 2011

Claire's 1st Birthday Party!!!!

We had Claire's birthday party on her actual birthday (both of the girls are lucky enough to have their birthday's on Saturday this year). We had her party at Little Gym and it was a great time! Where else can kids run around like crazy in the middle of winter? The birthday girl got all dressed up and was ready to party: I was dying over how cute she looked. I mean seriously...what is cuter than that? I ordered her outfit on Etsy (I love Etsy!!!!)

Some of the decorations:

We went for a monkey theme because well, that's what she is...our little monkey! How cute is this cake? I have the greatest cake lady. She's done several cakes for me and they always turn out so great!

The smash cake. More on that to come. The birthday girl did not disappoint.

I don't know if I've mentioned on here but my BFF and her family just moved near us. They live in Michigan now and are only 2 1/2 hours away. Which means that they get to come to stuff like this now and we get to see them a lot more. We are thrilled! This is Claire with Abbie, my BFF's oldest.
I can't get enough of that tutu!
Parachute time! Claire with her buddy Reed (they are only 13 days apart)
getting warmed up
Claire thinks those bells are pretty awesome. She loved them so much that they gave them to her to take home (AKA...she threw a FIT when I took them from her so they told me we could have them)

She's practically running now. Busy, busy girl.
Mommy and the birthday girl
She was having FUN!

Abbie and Julianne (they are BFF's now)

See? BFF's I tell ya. Julianne has not stopped talking about Abbie since they left.

Even the adults had fun. This is James (my BFF's husband) with Ben (their youngest)
My parents were here for the occasion. This is Claire with my dad.
Birthday girl on the big donut!

The only picture we got of them together. Not the greatest but I'll take it!
The air track was a big hit

This is what it looked like outside while the party was going on. It started snowing about an hour before the party started.
Every single person still came even though the roads were terrible. We have awesome friends. Claire enjoyed watching them plow the parking lot!
Turning 1 is hard work!
Time for the cake festivities!
She started digging in before we were even done singing!

Go for it girl!
Julianne and the rest of the kids were patiently waiting for their cake!
Maybe I'll just take a big ole bite out of it!
She was all delicate at first but that didn't last long.

A little on the eye to start

Hat had to come off because she started to get icing all over it
very happy about eating cake!
And it only got worse from here.....

She looks like she took a mud bath!
Thank God I took her outfit off!

She's pretty much the messiest eater I've ever seen!
But boy did she have fun!
We rounded up all the kids for a group shot....always a fun adventure!

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Claire's 1st birthday! It was a blast!


bandofbrothers said...

happy birthday to your adorable monkey!

dying over how yummy that cake looks! i'm about to jump right in and eat it! yum!

looks like a great party!

Randi said...

So fun to be there for her big day! I feel blessed to have been able to share it with you guys! Claire is such a beautiful birthday girl!

Mimi said...

She makes my heart melt. Wouldn't have missed it for the world!!!

Gerri said..., love, love the tutu. She is so cute! And, the cake eating...too funny! Happy Birthday Claire!!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Happy Birthday to Claire! Love her outfit. I also am a big fan of Etsy.

Seizing My Day said...

Oh my goodness... that tutu is Adorable!! Cute Cute... Such a fun birthday! I love the tutu... makes me want another baby girl!! ha ha!