Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Claire!

My dearest Claire,

You are one year old today. I simply can't believe it. Seems like just weeks ago that I was holding my newborn baby girl. What a wonderful day on February 5, 2010, when you entered the world and changed our lives. You have been the sweetest and happiest baby from the moment you arrived. I treasured those first few days in the hospital, just you and me, getting to know each other. I felt like the most blessed woman in the world. Another precious daughter to love. God gave you to us and nothing could be better.

You were such a good baby. You had terrible reflux but you never let it get you too upset. You would spit up and just kept on smiling. You started smiling at around 4 weeks of age and haven't stopped. I've never seen a baby who smiles so much. Your joy is contagious. Going through your photos from the past year, it was hard to find one without you smiling.

We marvel at your every change. Your first steps, your first words. Your funny shrieks and your staccato belly laugh. Your toothy smile. How you feed yourself. How you can climb the stairs in a flash. You are in such a hurry to do everything. Crawling at 5 months, walking at 10 months, climbing anything you can. It is a challenge to keep up with you and you have hurt yourself more times than mommy cares to remember.

I look forward to watching you grow and change from the sweet baby in my arms into a thoughtful, intelligent woman. I have no wish for this change to happen quickly. A year has already passed too quickly though it has been the most wonderful, fun, and crazy year of my life. The days fly by, one mixing with the next. Each night, when I put you to sleep, I wish I could relive the day again, spend it with you once more.

I wish the time would not go so fast, that I could live in slow motion. I am keenly aware that very soon you will be heading to school with your little backpack, waving to me as you head out to learn and explore. But until that day, I feel fortunate to spend these years in your company, loving you and helping you learn, helping you to be a good person. Just as you have done for me.

It is incredible how much we love you. Our lives have not been the same since you arrived. We are not the same people. We are better because you are here. Your daddy, sister and I love you more than you could ever know.

Happy first birthday Claire bear!

Claire's 1st year slideshow from Jennifer S. on Vimeo.


septembermom said...

beautiful slideshow! Happy Birthday Claire :)

upintheair said...

What a beautifully written letter! Happy birthday happy little Claire!

bandofbrothers said...

seriously that was the fastest year EVER. time is flying! she is so precious. happy birthday to your beautiful claire.

Mom said...

What a beautiful legacy to give to Claire!

AiringMyLaundry said...


I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

shaun said...

Claire, You are so wonderful. You are always smiling. I love you so much. I love to hold you, play with you, and watch you explore and learn new things. Claire-bear! I love you. Daddy