Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Visit with Shaun's family

I'm a little behind....excuse me while I play catch-up. I've had a sinus infection for almost two weeks and today is the first day that I haven't had a sinus headache. Amen and hallelujah! Shaun wrote me a prescription on Saturday and I think it's finally working. Anyway.....

We went to Washington a few weeks ago to visit Shaun's family. His parents live there as well as his younger sister and her family. They let us drop the girls off with them and then Shaun and I headed to Reno for a job interview for him and then we came back and spent the rest of the week with his family. It was great to see them and the girls had a blast!

Claire and gramma

Julianne and her cousin Luke had so much fun playing together. They are just 3 months apart in age. He taught her all kinds of fun stuff like how to jump off the coffee table. Oh, and he taught her to love the Wiggles. Seriously, the girl loves them!
Gramma and Julianne
They had a little birthday celebration for Claire while we were there (just a few days before her birthday). Julianne and Luke apparently thought they were her present.
What's more fun than playing in a Dora bag?
They got her a cake but I think you can tell from the picture who was really looking forward to it. The 2 year old's know what cake is!
We sang Happy Birthday and she looked at us like we were nuts.
She had no problem digging right in. The girl loves cake.

Auntie Tiff got her this musical light up seahorse and she loves it! It is her new favorite toy!
Auntie Tiff, Uncle Chris, Luke and Claire
I think Claire needs a haircut. She looks like Justin Bieber in this picture.
Papa and Claire
A rare picture of the four of us!
Claire showed off her mad walking skills for everyone
And their was a lot of crazy time with the cousins. And A LOT of singing.

Shaun and I went to Reno for 3 days and what did we do? Well, Shaun spent a day interviewing and after that, we pretty much slept the whole time and it was AH-MAZING. Sleeping in until 10, then taking a nap, and going to bed at about 9. We partied like rock stars I tell ya. We did manage to make it up to Tahoe and had lunch by the lake. It's so beautiful there. I miss mountains.

A huge thank you to Shaun's family for taking care of the girls for us so we could get away. We have the most amazing families who are so helpful and love our girls so much. These last few months of interviews and deciding where to live and what job for Shaun to take has been a very stressful time. We've decided where we are going but I can't share it until the contract is signed (which should be very soon). I'll share it with ya'll as soon as I can (that was a hint by the way)! :)

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Seizing My Day said...

I am on day two of my meds for a sinus infection... headaches for two weeks!! UGH!! ha ha!! You all JUST missed the snow here in Washington!! ha ha!! ;) I wish we had wonderful family to leave our littles with!! *sigh* ;)