Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Julianne!

You are 3 today! I can't believe it's been three years since I became a mommy. My life changed for the better that day. Being your mommy is the biggest blessing I have ever known. I thank God every day for the gift of my little girls. You and Claire bring me so much happiness! I can't describe it. My cup runneth over.

You are so full of life. You really went from a baby to a little girl this year. The transformation is unbelievable. You are talking like crazy. Full sentences and lots of questions. You probably ask me about 1000 questions a day. You are a curious little girl. You always want to know how things work or what things are. You're favorite saying is "it's kind of like a ......" Whenever you see something, you compare it to something else. For instance, when you see a square you'll say it's a square and then you'll say "it's kind of like a rectangle". Your mind is extremely analytical. You are smart. I know all parents say that but we really do think you are smart. You are always amazing us with what you say and understand. I think you got your daddy's smarts.

You love school. You've learned quite a bit this year in your two year old class. You are always excited to go and you have no problem with me leaving you. You say "mommy always comes back" almost every time I drop you off. You have made a few friends at school but your favorite is Rebecca. You are pals. You like your teachers (Miss Beth, Miss Kim, and Miss Sandra) and they love you too. Miss Sandra told me the other day that you are a perfect child. Not quite, but close.

You hate it when other kids cry or scream. If that happens, you start crying. You are sensitive and don't like to see other people upset. You have a tender heart and I love that about you.

You really know how to smooth things over. If you get in trouble and I get on to you, you will say "I'm sorry mommy" and then you will say "oh mommy, I looooove you!" It's hard not to laugh.

You don't get in trouble very often. Lately, you've been arguing a lot with us. If we say the sky is blue, you'll say it's green, just to argue. So, our new saying around here is "no more arguing" and if I sense that you are starting to argue with me I'll say "Julianne, are you arguing with mommy?" and you'll say "no." and stop. You are fairly easy to punish. Time outs work pretty well with you and just talking to you usually solves the problem. You rarely throw fits.

You love to do everything yourself. You undress yourself, dress yourself, put your shoes on, get everything out of your drawers that you need, etc. If I try to help you with anything you say "I think I've got it". If you do need help you say "I think I need some help...this is kinda hard for me".

You are a daddy's girl. You have really been missing daddy while he's gone during the week and he misses you a ton! You always ask on Monday mornings if he went to work and when he'll be back. You get so excited when he comes home and during the weekend's you don't leave his sight for too long.

You love to sing. Love it! We got you a microphone for Christmas and you aren't afraid to use it. We sing together in the car and I love that! You seem to have inherited my love of music, singing and dancing and that makes me very happy!

You love Claire. Every morning when you see her you say "Good morning are you...did you have a good nap?" It's adorable. I love seeing you two play together. You mostly have fun but sometimes there are territorial issues with toys. We're working on that and trying to learn that all of our toys are for both of you.

Everyone who spends more than 10 minutes with you always says what an awesome kid you are. They are right. You are. You're just awesome. That's all there is to it.

You make me laugh a million times a day. You say really funny things like "awe, come're ridiculous." You recently started saying "hellllloooooo!" if someone doesn't answer you right away. These things are funny to me because 99% of them you get from me or daddy. It really reminds us to watch what we say around you. Your mind is a steel trap!

What else can I say about you Jules? You are just the biggest blessing to daddy and I, the rest of our family, and pretty much anyone who has the privilege to know you. You are beautiful inside and out, sassy, smart, joyful, and loving. Just when we think we can't love you more, we do.

I made this slide show for your third year and I hope you enjoy it for year's to come. I love looking back at this year and all you're becoming. We're so proud of you!

Julianne's 3rd birthday slide show! from Jennifer S. on Vimeo.

We love you Jules! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!


Unknown said...

Great post! It's so great that you do this each year. The girls are going to cherish these for years to come.

Mimi said...


Papa and Mimi love you so much. We feel so blessed that God chose us to be your grandparents. We are also blessed that we've been able to share so many precious moments with you. You are a sweet, kind, extremely funny and loving little girl. We cherish the time we get to spend with you. It's never dull!! Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you!!

Love you to the moon and back. Mimi and Papa

shaun said...

Ever have a dream come true. I have. Thanks Julianne for making daddy's and mommy's dreams come true. We never imagined someone so precious, so special, so perfect. Of course you are a singer, dancer, and musician; you are smart, curious, and analytical; witty, funny, and playful; sweet, sensitive, and strong-willed; observant, adventurous,'re just COOL! I love you, love you, love you.

bandofbrothers said...

Happy Birthday to your most lovely Jules! She truly is a jem.

dying over daddy's sweet lil message. toooo cute!

septembermom said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely Julianne!! I love this sweet post. The slideshow is terrific. Thanks for sharing Jenn :)

Sally said...

Happy (late) Birthday, Julianne!! Love the video! And now I'm motivated to FINALLY start on Major's. Hope to see you all later this year!