Friday, May 13, 2011

The best parents. Ever.

This is a little post about how my parents rock. It's also a post that pretty much sums up the entire month of March. I knew that we were going to be putting our house up for sale sometime in the March/April time frame. I mentioned to my mom how much I had to do in order to get the house ready to put on the market. She then said "why don't your dad and I take the girls home with us when we come for Julianne's birthday and then you an come to California and get them"? I was all "uh, really?...both of them?" and then I was like "yes, please" and then I think I did a little happy dance! Don't get me wrong, I love my girls but I was really needing some time to myself. This year has been very hard for me for many reasons and I feel constantly overwhelmed and tired. My parents do whatever they can to make my life a little easier.

So, on March 8th, they took both of my babies home with them so I could have an entire week to myself to get the house ready to put on the market. My mom said she would only do it on one condition and that was that I would sit my butt on the couch and do nothing for one whole day while the girls were gone. Ridiculous, isn't she?

Dropping them off at the airport was not easy. I missed them within seconds of driving away. My mom immediately began sending me pictures on my phone. They hadn't even left Cleveland yet and I already missed this sweet face

Who wouldn't?

I was a little worried about my Claire bear. She is not the best at air travel.

I was probably more worried for my parents. She seemed ok though!

Julianne on the other hand is the best little air traveler there ever was. Always has been. She's never made a peep on an airplane even when she was just a wee one. Now, you just put on her cool headphones mimi got her, pop in a movie, and she is good to go.

She just loves airplanes. LOVES.

Thinking hard

Her future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades (even inside)

One thing Julianne doesn't do much of on an airplane is sleep. So, on the 2 hour drive to my parents from LA, she finally gave it up.

And then REALLY passed out.

This one did too!

The rest of the time that the girls were at my parents, I got pictures like these:

The girl is obsessed with sunglasses. Obsessed.

Everything is fun at mimi and papa's house



Shopping again....

Claire thought it was fun to wear Minnie Mouse ears at 5:30am (it took her a few days to catch up on the time difference). Thank goodness she was over that by the time I got there!

Climbing in bins is fun too!

Oh, and my mom likes to dress the girls really cute.

A new pair of shades she got while there. She has 6 pairs now.

Cutie pie

Because of this outfit, she now thinks that every time she has a dress or skirt on, she's supposed to have pants on under it.

Claire got dressed up too.

Julianne is also obsessed with hats at the moment

A little spoiled maybe? Watching TV in "her room". She is now asking for a TV for her room at home. Um, no.

Julianne is really fond of these little rides that they have at malls, stores, and such. She keeps saying that she has to "save her coins for rides". Claire is not so fond of them.

I am fond of Claire's big ole baby belly!

This is where Claire was the majority of the time at my parents house. At the back door, wanting outside.

To do this....

Or this. An afternoon wagon ride in our jammies? Why not!

They had a fabulous time with my parents. I had fun at home painting cabinets in our garage, dusting baseboards, taking down family photos, patching holes, touch up painting, deep cleaning, etc. I did honor my mom's request though. Spent one whole day on the couch doing nothing except catching up on my DVR shows and taking a 3 hour nap. Heaven I tell ya. I also went out with my friends a couple of evenings and got a mani-pedi!

I made my way to California the next week and spent the next almost three weeks there. The girls and I went down south to see some friends for a weekend. I saw my cousin that I hadn't seen in about 10 years. I saw my aunt and uncle who I hadn't seen in about 6 years (and they had never met either of our aunt is now affectionately known as "aunt mimi"). Shaun came out for a long weekend to see us. I spent a few evenings with my sister in law Tami who is now affectionately known as my happy hour buddy! We caught up with family and friends, celebrated Shaun's birthday and just had a blast! I spent many of my days there helping my mom with her house. We did an office makeover, cleaned out every cabinet in the house (almost), and almost every closet as well. I love to organize and she had quite a bit of work for me. It was fun! We're getting their house ready to put on the market so that she and my dad can move to where we are moving (hopefully).

I really can't say enough about my parents. My friends are jealous. They have come out here so often this year to help me out and it has saved me. My mom is coming again in a few weeks to watch the girls for 5 days so we can go buy a house in our new home state (where you ask?..that post is coming next). I love you mom and dad! Thank you so much for all you do and for how much you love our girls!

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Mimi said...

March was the best month we've had in forever!! We had the best time with the girls before you got here and then really enjoyed you and Shaun being here too. I now know though why you are always tired!! It was a good tired though!! I think we should make this a semi-annual event!! Love, love, love spoiling the girls. Thanks for your help here too. You are the best daughter. Love you all so much and can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks.