Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter 2011

Better late than never, right? Here is a recap of our Easter weekend. We went to Michigan to spend the weekend with my best friend and her family. A good time was had by all. We arrived on Friday afternoon and that night, we began the Easter festivities by coloring Easter eggs. It was Julianne's first time and she had a blast!

All ready to start

Randi and her youngest Ben
getting into it

everyone was concentrating so hard they wouldn't even look up for a picture

Julianne was the most excited about her egg matching her shirt (it's all about coordination)

James and Ben

finally smiling for the camera

Just to prove that Claire is not always happy, this is how she acted when I wouldn't let her eat an egg with the shell on it. She likes to throw fits. My friends don't believe me.

creating a masterpiece

Some of our works of art

And more.....

After coloring eggs, it was time for some wrestling

This is a picture I took over 7 years ago of Abbie climbing on her uncle Shaun (Thanksgiving 2003)

What a difference 7 1/2 years makes (or not).

Uncle Shaun just seems to draw the kids in when he lays down on the floor

Claire was totally thinking about pulling Uncle James' hair

Dog pile!

Julianne was busy "doctoring"

The next morning, we enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls (thanks Randi)!

Claire enjoyed them more than anyone. The kid got her mama's sweet tooth.

Finger lickin' good!

The mess this kid creates when she eats is astounding...

Sophie was tired so she caught some zzz

Our beautiful eggs

Saturday, Randi and I got an all day pass while the guys watched the kids. We went shopping, did some more shopping, ate dinner, and then shopped some more. I have no pictures of it because we were too busy shopping!

The kids were so excited Easter morning. They came down the stairs hand in hand to see what the Easter bunny had brought them.


Julianne didn't know quite what to think

Claire knew what to think which was "how fast can I eat these Peeps?"

Her mama's sweet tooth I tell ya, she didn't care about anything but the Peeps!

Julianne liked her new microphone

Again, still eating Peeps

Checking everything out....very carefully. I've never seen a kid go through an Easter basket slower. She enjoys everything!

Julianne enjoyed a Peep too but she ain't got nothin' on Claire.

Ben was diggin into his candy also...

Julianne loved her new harmonica. She's become quite good at playing it.

Let the egg hunt begin. Jammies still on, jackets on, ready to go.

Julianne was so excited!

down the stairs to find the rest of the eggs..

This one is my kid too. She didn't want to get the one in the bush because "it was in the dirt". SO MY KID. I hate dirt.

Claire found one!

She was so happy. She just stood there shaking it (it had money in it)

I think she thought Julianne was going to take her egg

Claire liked the gnome more than the eggs

Claire found her golden egg!

Group shot (Julianne not paying attention)

Group shot (almost everyone looking at the camera)

Group shot (Claire is a thief and Abbie is on to her)

Group shot (Drew now realizes Claire is a thief)

Ben promptly put his money in his piggy bank

Claire had some one on one time with her buddy Sophie

They love each other.

We sat out on the patio because Easter was a spectacular day in Michigan! The sun came out, finally!

James and Abbie

Abbie is so good with the littles. Claire loves her.

Love this girl!

Randi was hard at work cooking so I figured the least I could do was keep the kids busy. We had a patio party.

Julianne and I did "cheers" while we were still shouting "party" so now everytime I pour a sippy of milk for Jules she clinks my glass and says "party!" Sweet.

It was a great patio party

The kids table!

Dessert...chocolate bunnies all around!

Even Claire got some chocolate!

What was I thinking?

Messiest eater ever.

After that mess, it was bath time!

Ben has the best mohawk hair, hands down!

After baths, it was time to party. We got to experience Just Dance on the Wii. So much fun! Jules and I showed off our moves!

She is so her mother's daughter when it comes to dancing. The girl loves to dance.

Abbie gave me a run for my money. She is quite the little dancer.

Abbie and Drew going head to head

We had the best weekend! We always have so much fun with them! We are so glad that we get to live this close to each other, even if only for a few short months. We are cherishing every moment of it! Thanks guys for an awesome Easter weekend! We love you!


Randi said...

We had so much fun with you guys!!! So blessed to have spent Easter with you guys! We love you!!

septembermom said...

so many cute pictures! I'm glad that everyone had such a fun time. thanks for sharing. Enjoy all those kiddos!!