Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

While in California, we had photos taken by the amazing Lorie. She has taken our pictures before, here and here. I am never disappointed with the outcome. Julianne just turned 3, Claire just turned 1, and we had never had professional pictures taken of the four of us. Three great reasons to take some.
Claire is either 100% happy or 100% mad, so we were thrilled when she was completely happy this day. Julianne was her usual sassy self. She has started doing her "pose" for pictures with a supermodel-ish type feel. Lorie's comments to me after editing our photos were that Julianne has a thousand different expressions and Claire's eyes are like big drops of chocolate. That pretty much sums it up.

Thank you so much Lorie! We love these pictures and are having a heck of a time deciding which ones to hang on our wall.


septembermom said...

You are all such naturals in front of the camera! God bless you all. I can feel the love that surrounds your family in these pictures. Wonderful!!

The girls are SO CUTE!

The Writer Chic said...

Jenn, it has been much too long since I've stopped by your blog. Your girls are getting SO big and they are just beautiful.