Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 months of nothing (on the blog) but everything in life!

Almost three months without a blog post. Sad. Pathetic. Where I have a been you ask? Oh, nothing much has been going on (did you catch my sarcasm there?) In the last three months:

Shaun finished fellowship (happy dance)

we sold our house in Ohio (happy dance again)

we had a garage sale

we sold a bunch of stuff on Craigslist

we packed our house

we moved to Arkansas

we unpacked most of our stuff in our rental house

we moved the stuff we didn't unpack to storage

Shaun started his new job and has been working a TON.

Julianne started PreK 3 - she is going 3 days a week

Claire started Mom's day out - she is going 2 days a week

we've been looking for floor plans for our new home that we are building

we've been looking for a church to join

I started a new bible study group

I found a babysitter and the girls love her!

I did all the things you have to do when you move....new bank, change of address with about
1000 people, sent moving announcements, finding new places to shop, etc.

we took a trip to Branson, MO for a weekend.

Shaun took a business trip to Minnesota and another to California

I said goodbye to some dear friends in Ohio (insert weeping here)

We are making new friends here and have met some really great people

I did a walk for Cystic Fibrosis and raised over $1000

I joined the committee for Go Red For Women (American Heart Association)

I started working out with a personal trainer 2 days a week and by myself another 3 days

The girls are adjusting...it's been a little more difficult than I anticipated but we're getting into a routine now

Sorry I haven't been around to keep you updated on all the things going on with us. For those of you reading this, thanks for coming back. I am back now and will be posting regularly. I am going to try to post daily at least for the month of September to catch up on everything that's happened (gotta have it for the baby books). So stay tuned. Lots of fun pics and catching up to come! I've missed you all and am in the process of getting caught up on reading all of your blogs as well.


Randi said...

"Yay" for all that you have accomplished! "Boo" for you being further away from me. So many blessings that you guys much deserve!

Gerri said...

Wow, you have been more than busy! Glad you are back to blogging, missed you. Can't wait to hear all the tales.