Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The best fourth of July EVER!

I'm getting caught up, slowly but surely. Next up, our fourth of July weekend. It was a great weekend with a lot of celebrating. My BFF and her family came for the weekend and the day they arrived was also Shaun's last day of fellowship. I can't put into words what a milestone this was. Shaun has been training for seven years which was preceded by five years of med school (he did 5 years because he also got a masters degree while in med school). Factor in undergrad and you've got 16 years of education and training. It's been a long road people. He's worked incredibly hard. I never imagined how challenging it would be for both of us. But it's over. OVER! Hallelujah, praise the Lord and AMEN! I am beyond proud and so blessed to be married to a man who is so passionate about helping people. He is doing so well in his practice here and his patients love him (more on that to come).

The celebration began about 5 minutes after Shaun got home and the kids immediately used him as a jungle gym as usual.

Shaun is laying on the dog and the kids are laying on him. Actually, they were more tackling him.
Julianne thought the occasion called for a concert

Abbie joined her

Claire didn't want to miss out either

Apparently Claire got her holidays mixed up!

The congratulations cake I made for Shaun. That's peanut butter frosting with Reese's peanut butter cups on it. Yum!

It was a great night of celebrating with our friends. Randi and James have been such a support for Shaun and I over the years. They know what it's taken to get to where we are now and have been there for us through the good, bad, and the ugly! I am eternally grateful for their friendship!

The next day was my going away bash with my girlfriends (if you didn't read about that, it's the post below this one). The next day the guys watched the kids all day so that Randi and I could go shopping. Such an awesome day!

The next day, we watched the kids so the guys could go golfing. We went to a local shopping center where they had all kinds of 4th of July activities! It was HOT so we didn't stay that long but the kids loved their balloon animals!

The golfing must have worn them out

We spent the late afternoon and evening enjoying the outdoors and celebrating the 4th on the 3rd because they had to go home the morning of the 4th. The kids had a blast playing in the backyard!

Bubbles, always a hit!

Hot dogs!!!


Claire taking bubbles right to the face!

A human tunnel to slide down!

Shoulder ride!

Don't worry...she got a haircut shortly after this.


Abbie wasn't having any fun at all!

Can't get more American than this!

Our big girl!

James wanted to try out our lawn mower before we moved. He and Ben had a blast!

The fireworks portion of our evening started with snap-it's. Uncle James taught Julianne how to do it. She loved them!

Nice follow through Jules!

Claire is never one to miss out on anything...

Next up....exploding streamers

Let me preface these next pictures by saying that fireworks in Ohio are illegal. All you can buy are these smoke bomb things. So, that's what we had. Lame. But we had to do something.

They smoked well though!

The guys thought it would be a bit more exciting if we lit a bunch at once. The kids liked it.

Julianne spiced up the show by dancing for us

No music needed

The view from the other side. Kids all in a row.

Claire wasn't sure what to think

This is the most spark we got!

James did a little show for us. That definitely made it more entertaining.

Sparkler time!

Julianne loved the sparklers!


Drew liked the sparklers too!

Ben being very careful - such a big boy!

Abbie doubled up!

A great evening with our best friends!

Thanks for coming guys! We had so much fun!

Fourth of July evening, we went to our neighbors to hang out with all of our friends from the neighborhood. So hard to say goodbye to all of them. Best neighborhood ever. We miss it so much.

Claire all dolled up!

Daddy and his girls

Me with my girls
Julianne is too cool and has to wear her shades inside

This picture cracks me up. She just went over there and sat like that watching the volleyball game. Could she be any more of a diva?

A happy diva

We found out that Claire loves watermelon!

Big girl who got on the swing all by herself!

Hi mommy!

Cutie pie

Claire was getting down

Say what?

Get it girl!

She loves to dance even more than Julianne does. Love it!


Still wearing the glasses. It was pitch black outside!

Sitting with daddy

We had a great time with our friends and watching the kids play. When I went through our pictures from this day and saw this one all I could think of is how big she is now.

Climbing rock walls, going UP a slide, getting on the swing by herself and venturing away to play with other kids. This whole parenthood thing is bittersweet I tell ya. You want them to grow up, become more independent, but then you look back and cry at how big your baby got.

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Seriously, where is my chubby baby? Loved those rolls. I better stop looking back at their baby photos or I'll get crazy and have another one! :) We hope you and yours had a wonderful 4th!


Randi said...

Memories.....as if I didn't miss you guys enough already! Truly awesome weekend! We are so blessed to share such special times with you!

septembermom said...

Your girls are so photogenic! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos here with us. Look at those smiles!