Friday, September 2, 2011

The best goodbye bash EVER!

One of the highlights of my summer was my goodbye party with some girlfriends in Ohio. I can't even tell you what this group of friends means to me and what they have meant to me, especially over the past year. When I was pregnant with Claire, I was looking for a playgroup and things to do with Julianne. I found a group called Mothers and More on and decided to give it a try. I went to an outing at a park and was met with open arms. A group of moms who were facing all the same challenges I was. Real women.

I don't know about you but I occasionally run into women who are pretending that everything in their life is perfect and that raising kids is so easy and their kids are perfect, etc. I cannot be around these types of women. Raising children is the hardest thing I've ever done. My patience is tested daily. Sometimes I want to rip my hair out. Or lock myself in the bathroom for 5 minutes (which I've done). Sometimes I just need a break. This doesn't mean I am a bad mom, it means I am human. I need friends I can vent to about it, not ones that judge me. This is what I found in this group. Some of the most wonderful women I've ever met in my life. I had one of the hardest years of my life this past year and they were there for me. They knew Shaun was gone every week and were there for me with a helping hand, with meals, with bringing groceries to me if I needed them and couldn't get out, and most of all to listen and have fun with. I don't know what I would have done without this group. Without these women that are now my friends for life.

As excited as I was for Shaun to start his new job and plant some roots somewhere, I was so incredibly sad to leave my friends. We tried to decide what we should do as a last celebration. Talked about it for months. So, on July 1st, we did it up. Went to downtown Cleveland, got hotel rooms, and painted the town red. All to celebrate our friendship and to say goodbye. So bittersweet.

To make it a bit sweeter, my best good friend came too (one of the perks of having her so close this year was that we saw each other so much...oh, how I miss that)! I got to introduce her to all these wonderful women and we just had a blast!

Randi and I. The best friend a girl could ask for. She loves me for who I am. In spite of my faults. She's always there and I thank God for her Oh, and she does my hair for me when we go out on the town. :) All of us in the hotel lobby

Downtown Cleveland. Rock on.
After a great dinner and ready to party!

It is at this point in the post, where I need to mention that there was drinking involved on this night. I've been known to like a Bacardi and Diet coke every once in a while and there were no shortage of them on this night (moms with no kids and hotel rooms = time to unwind)!

One thing that has always been on my "bucket list" is to ride a mechanical bull. I have no idea why but it always looked like fun. As luck would have it, there was one at the Cadillac Ranch, our first stop on the party circuit. I wasn't going to do it, but what is a girl to do when all your friends want to see you do it before you move away and no longer provide them entertainment. So......I did it. I'm not one to disappoint my friends.

They were doing free rides to get the party started so I figured why not? I should have thought harder about it! Here I am climbing into the pit.

The hardest part of the whole event was getting on the bull. There were no stirrups, nothing to grab onto. And it's way taller than you are after you are sinking down in the marshmallow pit that it's in. Seriously people, so hard to get on the bull.

I didn't think I would make it up but I did. Then the guy controlling it started it before I was even all the way on and I fell right off. So, he apologized and gave me another turn. I'm only posting a few pics because I don't want to hurt your eyes too much. This is me with a good save I had. I was almost a goner but held on with all of my strength (which isn't much)

I'm not sure how many seconds I stayed on but it wasn't too impressive. I provided plenty of laughs for my friends though and for that, I'd do it again!

I asked who else was going to do it and they were all like "um, no thanks". I wasn't about to go out like that. I'm the only one who humiliates myself at my own going away party? I don't think so. Lucky for me, Nicole stepped up and did it. The only other person willing to ride it. Thank you Nicole. Love you!

Go girl!

See how much fun it is?

Everyone should do that at least once in their life. The end.

We moved on to a club because we wanted to dance! For those of you who don't know me in real life, I love to dance. I can dance all night. I don't get tired. I won't stop until every person I'm with is like "let's go Jenn....the club is closing". This will explain the pictures that follow.

I was pleasantly surprised by my friends and how much they like to dance as well. This is Anne and April.

Wooo hoo - Anne and Celena!

April having fun!

April and Rachel

April getting down (and not even realizing that the couple behind her is making out on the dance floor. Seriously. Get. a. room.)

Celena and Jen

Party circle!

Heather and Jen

Heather and I. She's looking at me like I'm crazy. I am.

Jenn and Nicole


Jen - can you tell how much fun we were all having yet?

Me. Dancing. Nuff said.Nicole and I. Love this girl. She is so special to me.

This is me taking a self portrait of myself and the stalker dude that kept trying to dance by me, behind me, in front of me. Weirdo.

Me dancing. Again.

Love the college t-shirt. Too bad I graduated college 13 years ago. Being in a club like this reminds you how old you are. :)

Julia. Ray of sunshine this girl is!

Julia and Rachel

Randi and Jenn

And again. All my friends loved Randi. Who wouldn't?

Shoes and bags on the floor! This cracks me up!

One of the last dances!

We soon realized it was after one in the morning and called it a night. We went back to the hotel and discovered the down side of wearing uncomfortable (but very fabulous) shoes and taking them off in a club.

The picture doesn't even do it justice! So gross! I had to scrub my feet for 15 minutes.

What a night! Thank you so much to all of my friends who made this happen and for coming out. What a fabulous evening it was. Moms with no kids, no responsibilities, and a hotel room to come home to makes for a great party! I love you all so much and miss you terribly!


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