Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Claire - 18 months

Well, this post is two months late but we will just pretend it's still August 5th.

18 months old. Time is flying. You are growing. Way too quickly.

What a blessing you have been to our little family. You have added fun, laughter, love, and a lot of noise! You are so FULL of personality! You are constantly moving, climbing, running, jumping and I wish I had 10% of your energy. You are passionate. You know exactly what you want and you get really upset if we can't figure out what it is. You are addicted to your pacifier and your pink fuzzy blanket. You are an awesome sleeper (thank you Jesus)! You love your sister and try to keep up with whatever she is doing. You are a mama's girl. You love to have your picture taken and say "cheeeeeeezzzzeeee" every time I get the camera out. You eat pretty much anything and have a big sweet tooth! You look like mommy. You love to take your clothes (and diaper) off. You are obsessed with shoes. You are very particular about doing things yourself. You hate shopping carts and will only ride in the big part. You laugh really loud. You love to dance even more than your sister does and that's saying a lot! You are completely adorable!

Here you are in one of your cheese poses!

Dancing your booty off. Get it girl!
Loving on Sophie. You love dogs, especially ours.

You will finally wear bows in your hair although you rip them out a lot.

You find so much joy in such simple things. Like water.

You think you are bigger than you are

You love mac and cheese!

You are the messiest kid. Ever.

You love baby doll's. You are so sweet with them and rock them, wrap them in blankets, put them to bed, put diapers on them, and hug and kiss them. It's really sweet. You love real life babies too!

What can I say Claire bear? You have given us 18 months of sweetness! We love you so much and are so glad you are ours!


Randi said...

She is such an awesome, fun and energetic little girl!! I can't believe how old she has gotten - time flies when you are blessed! We love and miss you all! xoxoxo

shaun said...

Claire, You make me laugh. If it isn't going to be fun, you're not interested. Love you so much Claire-bear! Love, Daddy

Controlling My Chaos said...

She is adorable. I love the chubby, squishy baby years.