Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Empty House

The rest of our July was spent packing, selling our house (thank you God!), and saying a lot of goodbyes. My parents took the girls for 2 weeks so that Shaun and I could go through all of our stuff, pack what we wanted and sell what we didn't. It was sad to pack up this house. I loved our house in Ohio. I miss it so. It is the house we brought our girls home to. It's the house where we made so many memories and where so many new friendships were formed. When it was empty, I cried.

The kitchen where I cooked an infinite number of meals, baked Christmas treats for our neighbors, and fed my babies.

The pantry (Claire's favorite place to play)
Oh, how I miss my french door fridge.

The dining room where we had holiday meals, had great friends over for dinner, and wonderful conversations.

The formal living room that we barely stepped foot in...but it was pretty.

The media area where we snuggled up for movies, watched hours and hours of football, and also where Julianne took her first steps.

The playroom where the girls spent countless hours and the host of many a playdate.

My craft room that I didn't get near enough time to use.

The guest room where numerous family and friends visited.

Claire's room. Sigh.

Julianne's room. This was probably the hardest room for us to pack. I had visions of painting that room, months before she was to arrive, eagerly awaiting her arrival. I was so happy to be decorating a baby room after trying for so long for a baby. The fact that she was a girl and I got to decorate the pinkest room ever was just icing on the cake. Love that room.

Our room. Our sanctuary.

The closet Shaun built me. He is amazing!

The empty ice cream containers from the best ice cream place in Cleveland (our last meal in this house).

The last picture we took of ourselves in the house when it was empty. We took this photo about a minute before we walked out of the house for the last time and began our new journey. To Arkansas.

We are so thankful for the memories we have in Cleveland. I made friends that will be friends for life. We love and miss all of you so much. Thank you for making our time in Cleveland so fantastic! XOXO!


Unknown said...

Bittersweet! You take with you amazing memories from Ohio and on to the next adventure in Arkansas.

mel short said...

Girl, I'd cry over leaving that house, too - it's gorgeous! I think I would have lived in your closet. . . can I borrow Shaun for a while - just for a little light carpentry?

Small Town Girl said...

I would cry when leaving that house it is beautiful..Wow what an amazing closet.. I am new to your blog by the way and what a cute blog it is as well. Where in Arkansas are you all moving? I just love it here in Arkansas..At least you have amazing memories to hold on to..