Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our weekend in Branson!

Just a week after moving here, we ventured to Branson, Missouri for the weekend. It's just a short hour and a half from where we live now. Branson used to be a place for old people to go. Now it's a big family destination with a lot of things to do with the kids. My parents and I took the girls and Shaun met us the next day. My Aunt and Uncle also came and joined us and we had a blast! It was HOT! Like 110 hot. HOT! We were going to do Silver Dollar City (the big amusement park there) but it was just too hot. We settled for a day of shopping and messing around and then a day at the water park. Fun!

When we got there, my parents and I took the girls shopping down for a bit. We had to go to the Bass Pro Shop because it's super cool. The girls could have been entertained in there all day.

Claire loved the bear that welcomed us into the store. She kissed him. Julianne loved getting on every.single.four wheeler/tractor/boat in the place

There is a huge aquarium in there and the girls loved it!
Julianne did a bit of boat shopping. My parents are going to buy a boat when they move here so she was helping them pick one out.

Watching the fountain show outside of our hotel

Posing with the bear outside of a restaurant. While taking these pictures of Julianne I was hearing "mommy, look...I'm posing". She gave me several poses and tossed her hair. We're in trouble.

Jules loves rides like this. Claire does not.

They both like the train though

They went for a ride around the shopping center with mimi.

The next day it was water park time. Hallelujah! It felt so good to be in the water all day because of the heat.

My aunt with Claire (she is now affectionately known as "Aunt mimi"

Claire loves water. She played in the fountain area forever.

How cute are they in their matching bikinis?

Claire did not love the life vest that she had to wear to go into the lazy river

She also did not love the lazy river. She wanted to walk in the lazy river. We tried to tell her that that totally defeats the purpose of a lazy river but she insisted.

Daddy and Claire

Julianne (on the right) going down a water slide all by herself for the first time ever. Big girl!

She was "a little cold" even though it was 110 out.

Mimi and Claire

Mommy and Claire

Papa and Julianne hanging out. They are best buds. For real. No one else exists when papa is around.

Cruisin' down the lazy river with papa

Love the finger hold.

More fountain fun!

She totally rocks that bikini. Belly and all.



After the water park, we went out to dinner to celebrate mimi's birthday. It was a great weekend and the girls can't wait to go back! Next time we'll go when it's not so hot so we can check out Silver Dollar City. Have you ever been to Branson? What are your favorite things to do there?


Small Town Girl said...

Thank You so much for the sweet comments on my blog post.. I just love your blog welcome to Arkansas.. Love all your pictures looks like a whole lot of fun had by all.. can't wait to read more of your post.. Have a great Tuesday!! So nice to meet you as well...

septembermom said...

So cute! I love all the pictures. I got a real chuckle about your sweet girl's pose next to that bear statue!