Sunday, November 13, 2011

First day of Pre-K 3

"How am I just growing up so fast?" You ask me this at least once a day. My answer: I have no idea. How did you get this big? You were just our tiny baby and now look at you. Off to your first day at Pre-K 3. Mommy bought you a special outfit and then we went backpack shopping together, after dinner at Taco Bell of course. The backpack is almost bigger than you. It is pink (duh!) and sparkly! You were so excited for your first day!
You felt like such a big girl

You were so anxious to meet your teacher and your new friends!

Then we got there and you weren't as excited. I think you were thinking please don't leave me.

You cried on the first day and I was surprised because you usually have no problem with me leaving you anywhere. I think the move, a new house, new friends and now a new school finally caught up with you. You cried for about the first 3 times I dropped you off but now you run down the hall to get there and count the days until you have school again. You have learned so much already and it is so fun to see you learn new things. You go to school three days a week right now and tell me that you would like to go every day but mommy is not ready for that yet. I love our days together. You are such a special little girl. Although these "first" moments are fun, each one is hard because it means that you are getting older. These are the bittersweet moments of parenting. I am trying to cherish every single one.


Gerri said...
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Gerri said...

Oh my gosh, Jenn, I can't believe how big she's getting. And she's so cute too!! Hope you are all settling in nicely in your new place. I love your posts, your girls are so precious.