Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve opening gifts, baking cookies for Santa and bouncing off the walls! We decided to let the girls open their gifts from all their aunts and uncles on Christmas Eve so they weren't so overwhelmed on Christmas morning. Good call! The girls were so excited to open all the gifts that had come in the mail over the previous weeks.

First up were the gifts from Uncle Jason and Aunt Tonja. Julianne got an Ariel costume and you would have thought it was the real live Ariel standing in our living room. Greatest reaction to a present ever. She doesn't normally get really excited about gifts but this one did it!

She was quite proud of it!
On to the next present....

Four pairs of princess shoes for dress-up! She is so into everything princess right now!

Claire got into opening gifts too!

She loved her dolly and microphone!

She thought the doll's paci was for her.

Now it was on to gifts from Aunt Randi and Uncle James. Look at those big ole bags! They liked the bags as much as the presents!

Claire got a Cabbage Patch doll and Julianne got a cash register. Then they got a joint gift:

A spiro bouncer! They were excited!

We took a break from gifts for a while to make some cookies for Santa.

Julianne did a great job rolling the dough and Claire did a great job eating it!

rolling the dough in the Cinnamon sugar was Julianne's favorite part!

On to more presents. Aunt Tami and Uncle Bill sent a pretty dress for Julianne. She was in heaven!

Showing it off!

Claire got a baby doll that looks so real it freaks me out a little.

Again, she thought the paci was for her and she couldn't even wait to get the baby out of the box before stealing it from her.

Posing for a picture with the cookies and milk we left for Santa.

And off to bed they went so Santa could come!

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