Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas morning!

Christmas morning at our house was really fun this year! Julianne woke up first and Claire was still snoozing but we let Julianne go ahead and come out so she could start enjoying what Santa brought her!

Walking out to see what Santa left!

Checking out her stuff
Looking pretty excited!

Happy girl!

She loves this Ariel doll that Santa brought her! Ariel is her favorite thing right now!

Daddy and Julianne

Holding up her goods to show them off!

Loves this Mickey Christmas movie!

playing her new alien game

Riding her bike that Aunt Mimi and Uncle Todd got her! She was so excited!

Claire woke up (complete with bed head) and decided to join the party!

New rocking chair from mimi and papa!

New vacuum. Obsessed with vacuums this kid is.

Diggin' into her stocking!

Their first Lego's!

Bottles for all of her new baby doll's!

We had a great Christmas and we hope all of you did too! Is everyone as tired as I am. Christmas is exhausting! But so much fun!!!!

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