Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas parade!

We headed to Bentonville on Saturday for the Christmas parade. We thought the girls would enjoy it. They got all dressed up and posed for some pictures before we left.

Claire loves taking pictures. Julianne does not.

But then Julianne tries to get in front of Claire for the pictures...
And then Claire pushes her

Fun times. The drama with girls never ceases to amaze us.

Ready to walk to the parade!

And they're off!

Claire and I snuggled up. It was quite cold because the wind was blowing hard this day and it was raining a little. Claire does not like wind.

The Energizer bunny. I took a picture because it's actually my friend's husband in the bunny costume. He works for Energizer and got talked into being the bunny this year!

Julianne was "cold" but she hung in there to see Santa at the end

And the best part was all the candy people were handing out which she enjoyed while watching the parade! Anything for candy!

Merry Christmas!

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