Sunday, December 4, 2011

Farmland Adventures

We found a great little farm down the road about 20 minutes where we took the girls the week before Halloween. They loved it! They had animals, pony rides, corn maze, corn box, and hay stacks to climb on! My mom was here so she got to join us and we all had a blast!

Daddy and his girls

Taking it all in
The most interesting thing we saw. Half zebra, half donkey. All weird!

Petting the cow

Trying to get a better look

Likes the goats!

Not sure about getting any closer

Feeding the goats

Feeding the goats some grass

Showing Claire how to feed the goats

The things I do for these girls. Feeding goats with my hand. Gross!

Look mama!

Checking out the baby pigs

A big ole cheese face!

Talking with the donkeys

Getting ready to conquer the corn maze!

Mommy and Claire. She refused to look at the camera because she was too busy looking at the pony ride!

I want to ride a pony!

Waiting patiently for her pony ride

Riding their ponies

Such a big girl!

Daddy and Claire

Loved the pony ride! We did it about 5 times!

Daddy admiring his girl!

Daddy and his mini-me

Climbing on hay

Not quite sure about the corn box

Claire was really sure about it. Sure she wanted to make a big mess!

And eat it

Love these pictures of the girls because it shows how different they are. Julianne is happily placing corn in a cup (neatly by the way) and Claire was throwing it, eating it by the handful, and laughing!

Julianne braved the tunnel. First she looked in it and said "mommy can you get the grass out of there?" I told her no and she went anyway even though she "got dirty".

Braving the grass but taking it easy. Notice the strategic hand placement to avoid the grass

Claire had fun in the tunnel too!

And went through it about 10 times!

My favorite picture from the day. Our little family (and everyone is smiling)!

This was the funniest thing we saw all day and Julianne had some questions. Yes, that cow is doing what you think it is doing to the other cow. It went on for quite some time and I couldn't stop laughing.

And everyone's faces looked like this:

It was quite a trip to Farmland Adventures. We'll definitely go back next year!

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