Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The girls had a great time with Halloween this year. Julianne thought long and hard about who she wanted to dress up as. Jessie from Toy Story 2&3 it was! She is obsessed with these movies. Well, what is it that Jessie needs the most? Her horse of course! Claire makes a great horse, don't you think?
Unfortunately, Jessie's horse was too busy eating and drinking to be interested in taking photos

Here is Jessie!

She loved the hat....and the shiny red boots!

We went over to our friends house who lives in the neighborhood we are building our home in. We got a chance to meet some neighbors and we are really looking forward to moving into this neighborhood. The girls had a blast trick or treating!

Claire did great for her first go around. She went last year but couldn't walk or speak yet so she got to really enjoy it this year!

Julianne actually said "trick or treat" this year too. She was too shy last year. Progress people!

Daddy got to come trick or treating too!

Big girls!

We hope you and yours had a Happy Halloween! It's a favorite 'round these parts!

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