Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy 2nd birthday Claire!

My dearest Claire,

You are two years old today! How can it be that my baby is 2? I now know what all these parents are talking about when they tell you to cherish each moment because time goes so fast. It does. I find myself constantly wanting to stop time so I can take it all in. Take you in. Memorize these days; what you you are doing, what you look like, what your laugh sounds like, how much you need me. I know I won't remember it all but that is alright because I will remember the joy. The joy of being your mommy. The joy you have brought into our family. The joy you bring me every single day.

10 days old....

You are so full of life. I never really understood what that expression meant until you came along. You are busy, crazy, silly, hysterical, and loving. You are either 100% happy or 100% not happy. There is no middle ground with you. You know what you want and have no problem showing us exactly what you think if you don't get it. You are passionate.

You love your sister. You try to do everything that she is doing. I love watching you play together. The communication the two of you share. The two of you rarely fight or disagree about anything. I pray that continues.

You are a mama's girl. If I am around, you rarely want anyone else. You've made great strides this year with me leaving you places and I am so thankful for that. You no longer scream when I leave you at school, or the church nursery, or with a sitter. For the most part anyway.

You love babies. You have about 100 baby dolls now and you love them all. You love to undress them, hold them, rock them, feed them, and put them to bed. I thought you would be a great big sister until I held a baby in front of you. Maybe not! We'll stick to dolls for now!

1 year old.....

You are independent. You want to do everything yourself. You want to dress yourself, walk everywhere by yourself (no hand holding allowed), feed yourself, brush your own teeth, and the list goes on and on.

You love to be naked. I don't know what this is all about but it is impossible to keep clothes on you. I turn around for a second and you have every single bit of clothing off. I redress you about 50 times a day.

You love to dance. Every time music comes on, you go for it. The other day my phone rang and you danced to the ring tone. I love that you and your sister love to dance. I love to dance and I know that is something we will always share. I love our dance parties.

2 years old...

You have taught me so much in your short two years. You've taught me patience. You have taught me that I can't control everything. You've taught me that sometimes the most wonderful moments happen when you just let go a little bit. You have taught me to laugh at myself, because nothing makes you laugh harder. You have taught me that the amount of love a heart can hold is endless....that just when I am certain I couldn't possibly love you more, you make my heart nearly explode!

Today we celebrate you, our beautiful Claire bear, on your second birthday! We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next year has in store!

Here is your second year slide show that I made for you capturing all of your most wonderful moments from the last year. I hope you cherish it as much as I cherish you! Love you sweet girl!




Randi said...

Happy birthday Claire! We feel so blessed to know the joy and passion that you radiate! We love you!

bandofbrothers said...

she is so so beautiful!!!! happy 2nd bday!

Unknown said...

Precious treasure she surely is. Happy birthday!!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Happy Birthday to Claire!

She's beautiful.

septembermom said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Claire!!