Saturday, March 10, 2012

Double the fun!

I did something I said I would never do this year.  I had a joint birthday party for the girls.  With their birthdays being only a month apart, it makes for a stressful month to have two birthday parties like we did last year.  So, this year we decided to double the fun and have one party for all their friends.  We had the party at Jump Zone!  Such fun they had!

Birthday girls


Birthday hug from Brantlee!
 She enjoyed her cupcake

 So did Claire

 Both hands!

The cousins prefer to eat from the bottom up!

Mimi and Claire

Being shy while everyone sings

Julianne and Brantlee

Everyone take 1

 Someone felt right at home in her throne!

Claire just wanted a cupcake


Excited for pizza

Almost everyone - take 2 (it's difficult to get a shot of over 20 two and four year olds)

 It can't be all fun all the time apparently....

We opened presents at home that night.  Brantlee and Bree had fun helping! 
And she's out!  This is the sign of a successful birthday!

We may do more joint birthday parties, the girls really seemed to enjoy it.  We'll see how long that lasts!  Happy birthday girls!  We love you and are so glad you had so much fun at your party!  

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