Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy 4th birthday Julianne!

Dear Jules,

Four years ago today, I became a mommy. Your mommy. What a joy you have brought to our lives. I never knew how much love my heart could hold until I had you. I can't believe you are already four years old. Time is flying by and we are watching you grow into a beautiful little girl so full of life. You've experienced so much this year including starting school, moving to a new state, sleeping in a big girl bed, lots of fun trips, and many other things that have made this year so very special.

You are so incredibly smart. So smart that it is sometimes scary. You are a mini version of your daddy. You love going to school and can't wait to learn more and more. This year you have learned all your letters and can now spell lots of words. You love to count. You love to color and make crafts. You love to dance. You especially love to sing (it is by far your favorite thing to do). You can memorize a song after hearing it just a few times (a talent you get from me). Your favorite band is Lady Antebellum. You love their songs!

You love to go to church. You love to learn about Jesus and sing about him. I love watching you soak it all in. Only He loves you more than we do! I pray that you will grow up to have a heart for the Lord and serve Him!

You love having a sister and have recently been telling us that you would like a brother too (mommy is not so sure about that).

You are hysterical. You make me laugh about 500 times a day. So funny and witty you are!

You have brought so much love and joy into our lives over the last four years. We pray that you have so many more years ahead of you. Thank you for everything that you are!

Here is your slide show that mommy made for your birthday. I hope you enjoy it for years to come! All my love baby,



septembermom said...

Lovely slide show! Happy Birthday to your pretty girl :)

Gerri said...

Happy Birthday Julianne!! Hope you had a wonderful day with your special girl.

I gave you an award! Come get it!