Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Egg hunt

The center where my grandmother lives had an Easter egg hunt for visiting children. I think the residents like it just as much as the little ones.  My grandma loves it when her great-grand kids come visit!  They love going to visit her too!  You know what Claire does NOT love?  The Easter bunny.  Hates him.  Always has.  She is terrified of anything dressed up in a furry costume.  I think Disneyworld will have to wait a little while.  
Julianne loves the Easter bunny although she doesn't want him touching her.  Can you tell?
 Great grandma, papa, and the girls
 Hunting eggs
 Loading up!
 Claire may not like the Easter bunny, but she loves eggs filled with candy!
 Sister picture (minus the Easter bunny)!

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