Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend!

Well, Shaun and I get parents of the year this year because we left our girls on Easter weekend.  To go to Vegas of all places.  More on that in the next post.  The girls were in good hands with my parents though and had a great weekend. 

Julianne had her Easter program at school.  She sang her heart out as usual.
 Pretty girl

On Saturday, the girls got to go to my grandma's retirement home and see the Easter bunny and hunt eggs. 
 Julianne wasn't going to stop until she found every last egg.
 Claire found quite a few as well
 So cute with her big ole basket!
 There's one!
 Sisters!  This picture is minus the Easter bunny because Claire did not like him at all.  She hates anything in a costume.
 Julianne loved him!
 Julianne with my grandma and the Easter bunny
 Both of the girls with my dad and grandma (minus the Easter bunny again)!

Claire's favorite part of the weekend was eating all her candy! 
 Yum!  Chocolate!
I usually don't feel guilty when leaving the girls to get away with Shaun for a few days.  I did this trip a little bit because it was Easter but hopefully they won't remember (except for the fact that I just put it in a blog post)!  I think they were just fine with their mimi and papa!  And we had a blast in Vegas with Shaun's sisters (more on that next).

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