Monday, April 30, 2012

Highlights from April

Here are some highlights from April (aka, pictures I want to post on the blog but can't do a whole post about)!  It's amazing how fast the months go by.  Daily life with these 2 girls of mine is hectic but I know I will miss these days so much when they are all grown up.  I take as many pics as I can even if it's just with my phone to try and capture these precious days before I blink and they're gone.

Shades dude!
 Dance class (her favorite activity every week)
 Playing dress up
 First hot rollers (getting ready for dance picture day)
 She wasn't to sure about it
 Ready for her picture
 How they roll.  Great grandma pushes them around the center in her wheelchair.  They love it and it's good exercise for her!
 Oh you know, just chillin'
 Going to see Mary Poppins! 
 And what do you do while you wait for Mary Poppins to start?  Take goofy pictures with CamWow of course.  I love it when she is goofy with me!
 Dress up again.  Have you noticed a theme?  We love dress up in this house!
 This girl loves dresses.  This was inherited from Abbie (my best friend's daughter) and she loves it!
 Sister love!  They get along so well.  Most of the time.

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