Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heart Ball 2012

I attended the Heart Ball last weekend.  I say I because Shaun got the flu and couldn't go (boo!)  I had to go solo because I couldn't find a date at the last minute.  I was on the committee for the Heart Ball so I spent the day before helping with set up (aka...ironing tablecloths for 3 hours, stuffing gift bags, putting flowers on tables, etc).  It is amazing what goes into planning an event like this.  It's totally worth it though.  I am passionate about heart disease and love being involved in the American Heart Association.  It's fun and I've met so many great ladies!

This year the entertainment was Josh Turner.  I knew who he was and knew quite a few of his songs.  I wasn't quite prepared for the hotness that is Josh Turner.  Goodness gracious he is a good lookin' man.  Oh, and he has a nice voice!  Here are some pics that I took:

 This is me with my friend Lauren.  You can't see us very well but we wanted our picture with Josh!  Ha!
 This is my friend Carrie.  She's awesome!
 It was a great evening and it turned out to be a good thing that Shaun couldn't come.  I decided to bid on a package during the live auction and give it to him as a present.  I won!  It was so much fun and I'll tell you about our trip later (it's not until December)!

This is Lauren giving me a high five after I won!
 And here's a clue as to what kind of package I bought him because I'm holding a football! Woot!

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