Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kiss a Pig (or Bret Michaels)

We went to the annual Kiss a Pig benefit benefiting diabetes.  Don't ask me why it's called kiss a pig.  I still don't get it.  But basically, people form teams and raise money to be able to kiss a pig at the end of the night (whoever raises the most wins).  I think.  I don't know.  All I know is it is an 80's themed evening (totally awesome dude) with premium entertainment.  I was all in because I ain't looking for nothin but a good time (this will make sense in a second).   

This is me with my friends Katie, Candice and Angie.  I have no idea why Katie and I are standing like that.
That's better
And now for the awesome part of the evening.  Bret Michaels performed.  At first I was like "ew, he's so gross" but in a secretly he's pretty awesome kind of way.  I watched the Apprentice when he was on it and really liked him.  Much better than his other reality series days..you know the show where he was looking for a wife and rode around on a party bus having sex with everything in sight!  Gross.

I was excited to see him and thought it would be decent.  OMG!  I was so surprised because he rocked it!  He was such a great performer and sounded awesome.  He sang all the old Poison songs (Every Rose Has It's Thorn anyone?) and some newer stuff.  Katie and I rushed the stage.  OK, not really but we walked really fast to get as close as we could.  We danced, sang every word, and also witnessed a woman throw her panties on stage to which I said "keep it classy Arkansas".  Geez.  This was a grown woman who was much older than even I am!  She must have drank too much Zima (80's reference for you young ones).  They don't even make Zima anymore.  But I'm digressing.  Basically, it was radical.  Awesome.  Bodacious.  Bitchin'.  Wicked!  You get the idea. 
OK, now the pics.  They are cell phone pics so not great quality but good enough.

I'm pretty proud of the fact that Julianne and Claire will never be able say that their momma don't dance and their daddy don't rock n' roll (get it?)

Now enjoy this little performance.  And talk dirty to me!

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